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What Will I Get Out of Going to an iRelaunch Conference?

We know that attending a conference while on career break can seem intimidating for many reasons. To ease any anxiety that you may have, we thought it might be helpful to share testimonials with you from a handful of those who’ve attended our iRelaunch Return to Work Conference in the past.

As you consider whether to join us at an iRelaunch Conference, here is what past attendees have gotten out of the Conference:


Motivation to get started

Past Conference attendees said:


  • “It broke down the seemingly insurmountable into very tactical, bite-sized steps to get started. It was a truly effective kickoff to something I've been putting off for weeks, not knowing where to begin...”
  • “I left the Conference energized about how to approach my job search and with a list of actionable ideas -- would definitely recommend this to friends!”


  • “Having been stuck in an endless rut of throwing my resume into a black hole, I was invigorated by the realistic, but hopeful strategies and practical information about the best places to look for work for relaunchers.”


  • The organization, quality, and content of the conference were excellent.  I am inspired to relaunch!


Connections with high caliber peers and employers

Past Conference attendees said:


  • “Meeting like-minded people at the Conference was also enjoyable - I made some great connections, heard many interesting stories and learnt (sic) new ideas from people attending the Conference.”
  • “I sat at several tables and could not believe the quality and qualifications of the women around me.  I was shocked that most of these people were not working.  They are gems just waiting to be found and I could not have understood the company I was in had I not attended the Conference.”



The learning and critical tools you need to relaunch

Past Conference attendees said:


  • “I enjoyed the Conference. It was inspiring and encouraging to learn about tools and an empowered approach to securing quality work opportunities later in life.”
  • “I attended the iRelaunch at Stanford and found such help and positive, instructive information, tools, and "next steps." I just finished my second level interview and am hoping to make the third round.”


Highly targeted advice and resources, specific to relaunchers

Past Conference attendees said:


  • “Carol Fishman Cohen has tapped into a gold mine of talented and motivated group of professionals ready to return to work after an extended leave for a variety of reasons (i.e., elder care, child care or other personal reasons).  The Relaunch Conferences provide valuable tools and networking for these professionals.
  • “I attended your iRelaunch Conference in September. The experience was invaluable, motivating and very informative. I really enjoyed your key note speech and hearing your story. I could also really relate to the photo you showed of yourself in "mum/home mode" rather than "office/working mode" - it is my familiar look.”
  • “The opening address was worth the entire trip and cost of the Conference.  Invaluable tips and strategies.”
  • “Amazing. It was one of the best Conferences I have ever attended.”



If you are at the stage where you are thinking of returning to work, or just want to do some soul searching, consider joining us at one of our Conferences.  To register for or learn more about our Conferences, click here.

Wondering how to get the most out of an iRelaunch Conference? Check out our advice here

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