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STEM Reentry Task Force

The STEM Reentry Task Force is the groundbreaking, collaborative, career reentry initiative co-led by the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and iRelaunch, working with the world's leading employers to launch their career reentry programs.  Founded in 2015, the Task Force is now in its eighth year. The goal of the Task Force is to grow the number of employers offering career reentry programs, and in turn, the number of relaunchers who participate in them.

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Given the technical focus of the Task Force, programs typically start with technical roles exclusively or with technical roles in the mix with non-technical roles. Task Force employer programs are open to all genders.

The Task Force runs on a collaborative model in which a group of employers join annually, each with the goal of launching a return to work program at their respective organization.

A series of bi-monthly "roundtable" sessions for Task Force employer members past and present feature Task Force alumni career reentry program managers and other leaders in discussion with peers and experts from SWE and iRelaunch. Topics focus on innovations and best practices for running and growing career reentry programs. 

iRelaunch expert consultants work one-on-one with each Task Force employer team as their dedicated partner in building and launching their career reentry program. 

SWE and iRelaunch provide outreach to their respective communities whenever a Task Force employer program has open applications. 

Task Force employer program leaders and participants are regularly featured at SWE's annual Conference which attracts over 15,000 attendees. 

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Since inception, 39 employers have participated in the STEM Reentry Task Force, 30 return to work programs have launched, nearly 1,000 relaunchers have participated and over 85% have been hired after completing their Task Force employer program.

Congratulations....Our Career Reboot program, that you helped us launch, is going strong at CDM Smith and the incredibly talented women that have joined us to restart their professional careers have been amazing contributors. Thanks for helping us years ago to be the first in our industry.

Timothy Wall CEO, CDM Smith and 2019 STEM Reentry Task Force member
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Meet the STEM Reentry Task Force co-directors...

Interested in joining the STEM Reentry Task Force, or in starting a group reentry initiative with your professional association?

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