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University Partners

High-caliber, high-quality and affordable career reentry resources for your relaunching alumni

Since its founding in 2007, iRelaunch has been deeply engaged with a national network of alumni career services directors at leading colleges and universities. We’ve built long-time relationships with these university alumni offices to provide affordable tools and solutions designed to address the most common challenges we hear our university partners face...

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What resources exist to support alumni already? If there are career counselors or advisers available, what is their bandwidth or capacity to deal with alumni requests, especially time-intensive ones? Do these employees also have other responsibilities competing for their time?

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How do you connect with your alumni today, and how often? What outreach efforts or initiatives are underway? What are some of the different ways you've connected to your alumni that are not local? What have you found successful in reaching disengaged or international alumni?

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What services are provided to recent grads and young alumni vs. those more established in their careers? What programs or resources are available for those in various life stages of your alumni population? What percentage of your alumni are recent grads vs. young alumni vs. more established alumni and are you allocating resources and programming to each group proportionally?

It’s important to recognize that a relaunch job search is not like a regular job search.

Relaunchers face very unique barriers and challenges to reentry, including confidence-building, re-invigorating dormant networks, and very often, require refreshing and relearning industry knowledge and in some cases, upskilling or reskilling. Therefore, we often see a pattern where relaunchers require more guidance and hand holding may be utilized by an alumni navigating a typical job search. We hear from our university partners that their career services often don’t have the bandwidth or capacity to deal with time-intensive alumni requests like the needs of a relauncher.

Working with Carol is great. She is a solid blend of both the art and science of career coaching for job seekers. Not only does she provide encouragement and recognition of the mental and psychological challenges faced by 'relaunchers', but she also provides tactical and actionable takeaways. This contrasts to some advice which, while true, is often frustratingly vague or diffuse. Her commitment to normalizing the experience of relaunchers, to both employers, and the relaunchers themselves, is something that really impresses me and which resonated with many. Thank you Carol!

Director, Alumni Career and Education Alumni Association of University of Michigan
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Webinars, programming and custom events for your alumni

Offer innovative reentry services and programming for mid-career professionals. We have presented programming at the Alumni Career Services Network Annual Conference & MBA Career Services for Working Professionals Conference. Get constituents back on the career track with our turnkey offerings, or design a customized program.
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Connect Constituents

Link your relaunching alumni up to much-needed tools and advice on reentering the workforce through iRelaunch's comprehensive resources, including our website and blog content for relaunchers, our award-winning 3, 2, 1 iRelaunch podcast and our Return to Work Conferences.
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Return to Work Roadmap for Alumni

A step-by-step plan for returning to a rewarding career, the iRelaunch Return to Work Roadmap is the definitive guide for relaunching professionals. A comprehensive online workbook, ideal for supporting alumni across the globe, the Roadmap has 5 Phases and 30 steps. We've meticulously curated and consolidated high-quality content and resources from reliable sources, vetted by industry experts into one easy-to-navigate guide. Our unique 5 phase approach guides relaunchers through every step of the process. From figuring out "what they want to do all over again" to the tactical parts of the job search process customized especially for the relauncher, the iRelaunch Roadmap allows the relauncher to determine what steps are best for their unique needs. Plus, the multimedia content is continually updated and refreshed as new information becomes available, or best practices shift with the changing nature of work and job searching.

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