Information, helpful advice, and commentary about topics relevant to relaunchers.

Marketing Yourself to Land Your Ideal Position

Today’s job market is competitive, fast-paced and constantly changing. Job seekers need to stand out to be noticed. As an executive and career coach and former marketing executive, I know all too well that having the right skills and experience isn’t necessarily enough to acquire that coveted position. Often, it is not the best qualified person who walks away with the offer, but rather the person who markets him or herself best. As a matter of fact, it typically takes completely different skills to land a job than what is required to actually do the job you’re applying for.

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Build Your Skills and Network with Strategic Volunteering

Returning to the workforce can be overwhelming, especially when you may feel insecure about your abilities.  Are there some “rusty” skills you need to refresh? New skills you need or want to learn? An industry or position you want more information on? Incorporating Strategic Volunteering into your relaunch plan is a way to accomplish all that and more! So; what is Strategic Volunteering and how do you do it?

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iRelaunch Staff Spotlight: Suzanne Wall

I am Suzanne Wall, the Chief Operations Officer here at iRelaunch. My job is to keep everything from our website to our Return-to-Work conferences running smoothly. It’s a job that often involves juggling multiple projects, schedules and operations while keeping lots of disparate constituencies happy and productive – a job any parent knows well. And like most of us at iRelaunch, I can relate to what our relaunchers are going through because I have lived it. 
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iRelaunch Staff Spotlight: Sarah Mills

My name is Sarah Mills and I am the Senior Director of Logistics for iRelaunch. I love to plan! Ok, maybe not dinners, but I do like to plan events. I specifically enjoy managing the logistics of conferences, where multiple pieces need to fit together and the finished outcome is a successful, high energy conference.  I produce our iRelaunch Return-to-Work Conferences, which host relaunchers, speakers and sponsor representatives for a day of job search strategy, education, advice and sponsor networking.

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5 Summer To Do's for Your Fall Relaunch



Having worked with many Relaunchers, I frequently hear the comment “I’ll start my job search after the summer.”  While it is certainly understandable to want to spend time enjoying summer activities, here are 5 things you can do to jumpstart a Fall Relaunch without ruining your summer fun. 


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