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Season 2 of 3,2,1 iRelaunch is officially live!

Building on the fantastic momentum of Season 1, we bring you Season 2 of our podcast series, "3,2,1 iRelaunch," focused on making your return to work smooth and successful.

In this season, you will not only hear from experts in the career reentry space but you will also be taken on the back to work journeys of fellow relaunchers. Each episode is hosted by Carol Fishman Cohen, iRelaunch’s founder and CEO. Carol’s guests range from career coaches to relaunchers to corporate executives. As a relauncher herself, Carol gets down to business in each episode: there is no filler here. Carol makes sure that every episode is jam packed with highly relevant, specific, and action oriented tips, intel, and info from her guest.  One of our listeners told us that she took over 6 pages of notes from just one episode!

So plug in, grab a notebook, and join us as we help you map the path back to work!

Listen to our first episode from Season 2 here:


Listen to our most popular episode from Season 1 here:



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