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3, 2, 1 iRelaunch Podcast

Normalizing career breaks™

...for relaunchers everywhere

Featured as a "Top Career Podcast" since its inception in 2017, 3, 2, 1 iRelaunch is our podcast focused on getting you Back on the Career Track and making your return to work smooth and successful. We feature strategies, advice and success stories about returning to work after a career break.

Our full episode listing is below. It is regularly updated with new episodes. If you're not sure where to dive in, get your feet wet with one of our mini-series: Managing Through a Prolonged Job SearchRelaunching in Senior RolesMilitary Spouse Relaunches and Longest Career Break Relaunches. The entire mini-series library is here.

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EP 263:Relaunchers in Senior Roles: How Carmen Park Rose Through the Ranks after an 8yr Career Break

Carmen Park is a technical leader with experience in the automotive, electronics, telecom, semiconductor, defense, and medical device industries. She is a senior manager at Johnson & Johnson and is pursuing a master’s degree in data analytics at Penn State University. Carmen returned to a technical role after an 8-year…

EP 262: Keeping your Contacts over an 8 Year Break and Relaunching in Public Service with Jana Toner

Today we welcome Jana Toner, Senior Vice President with American Corporate Partners, which is dedicated to assisting US veterans and active-duty military spouses in finding rewarding careers. Based in Washington DC, Jana has over 20 years’ experience in the private and public sectors, including working in two White House administrations.…

EP 261: Redefining Career Paths in Terms of Life Stage, not Age, with Susan Golden

Susan Golden is the director of DCIX at the Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute (DCI), and a lecturer and adjunct professor at Stanford University. She leads the DCIX Longevity Innovation Special Interest Group focused on creating innovations and new business opportunities for longevity and healthy aging, and she serves as a…

EP 255: How an Astrophysicist Career-transitioned and Relaunched in Data Science with Avanti Tilak

Avanti Tilak's career transition and relaunch from astrophysics and academia to corporate data science was a triumph after a long, frustrating period of setbacks. Avanti explains how she updated her skills, which freelance roles contributed to her progress, how she dealt with repeated rejection, and what ultimately led to her…

EP 254: From Corporate Relaunch to Senior Executive Leadership to a NonProfit CEO with Kerry Carter

After her relaunch and subsequent rise to senior executive leadership roles in the distribution and logistics industry, Kerry Carter made the leap to the nonprofit world, taking on the role of CEO of Hope & Comfort. Hope & Comfort provides basic hygiene products to tens of thousands of adults in…

EP 253: “Best Piece of Advice for Relaunchers” Holiday 2022 Compilation

Hear the “Best Piece of Advice” from select episodes of “3,2,1 iRelaunch,”: Samantha Kranyak shares what gave her the confidence to relaunch after divorce and becoming a single parent; Arlene Willis successfully relaunched into the transportation industry; Rabbi Suzanne Offit offers encouragement from her relaunch in the clergy;…