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2017 Return to Work Conferences

May 15th at Stanford University, Stanford, CA
October 3rd at Columbia University, NYC

Sold out for the past seven years.

"iRelaunch's Return to Work Conferences are a recruiting "must-do.” The attendees are enthusiastic about returning to the workplace, and more importantly have the qualifications and credentials to match their interest."
Leadership, Learning & Diversity, Bloomberg

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Internships for relaunchers.

Companies offering internships for recent grads should also offer them for relaunchers.

A progressive strategy to hire the best & brightest to rise in your ranks. It’s smart business.

Carol Fishman Cohen

iRelaunch CEO & Co-Founder
Author, Back on the Career Track, Harvard Business Review “40-Year-Old Intern,”
Returning Professionals Internship Research Report
Honoree, 2014, “40 Over 40”

Internships and Consulting

Find High-Caliber Professionals Ready to Return to Work

And Innovative Strategies to Attract & Retain Them


""60 percent of our pipeline for ReEntry comes from iRelaunch""

Sarah Youngwood - Head of Investor Relations and Managing Director,
JP Morgan Chase


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Targeted Communications

A direct line to highly credentialed & motivated professionals ready to re-enter the workforce.

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Mid-career internship program development, management briefings & recruiter training.

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Research & Publications

Seminal research, Harvard Business Review articles, books and more authored by Carol Fishman Cohen.

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A unique demographic of highly educated & eager professionals

93% female 100% college-educated 70% graduate degrees, mostly MBAs & JDs


Located internationally and nationally with concentrations in NYC tri-state area, Boston, Chicago, Washington, DC, Northern & Southern California

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iRelaunch Return to Work Conferences:

Meet high-caliber, mostly female professionals ready to return to work at the largest and longest-running dedicated career re-entry event in the US.

iRelaunch FastTracks:

Sponsor your own iRelaunch half-day event in any city.

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