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It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that when you launch, you need to have somewhere to land.

At the core of our work, our goal is to partner with forward-thinking organizations to meaningfully engage with and hire professionals who have taken an extended career break. We help these organizations create space for relaunchers to land.

Career breaks and the resume gaps that accompany them can stand in the way of high caliber professionals getting hired and contributing their skills to an organization. We know how much value relaunchers bring to the employers that hire them. We have seen first hand how employers that develop the relauncher talent pipeline as part of their talent acquisition strategy can benefit.

Return to work programs often start as diversity initiatives and then evolve into a fundamental part of an employer’s talent acquisition strategy.

We have the data to back up what we believed in the first place - that hiring relaunchers is an excellent way to get high caliber talent into an organization.

Let’s have a conversation so we can show you why...we know you will feel the same way about relaunchers as we do.

Returnships 101

A quick primer on the basics

Get answers to your questions: What is a returnship or a return to work program? What’s the difference between the two? How do these programs work? Why do they work so well? What’s the business case for implementing one inside our organization?
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The Business Case for Return to Work Programs

Why launch one?

There's an opportunity cost to not tapping into the competitive relauncher talent pool. Return to work programs are not just common-sense initiatives, they make good business sense too.
The Business Case for Employer Return to Work Programs

How can we help?

On the cutting edge of the Return to Work Industry

The best part about being the leader in the career reentry space is having the expertise and experience to know what our clients need. Our employer services are thoughtful, intentional and built with flexibility in mind.
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Why work with us?

Your Return to Work Experts

Our model is different. We believe each employer should run their own in-house return to work program reflecting their unique culture and priorities. For programs to thrive long term, we think it’s important for an employer to control their program “end to end” in the same way they run and control their entry level college internship and in-house leadership development programs. When we work with our clients, this approach is always top of mind.
Why is iRelaunch the right partner for you?
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Innovations, Best Practices & Trends in employer career reentry programs and programming

Recap of iRelaunch's Virtual Employer Summit

The iRelaunch Virtual Employer Summit built on the momentum started with our 11-session 2020 Employer Virtual Speaker Series. We brought together leading practitioners running the most innovative and successful employer return to work programs for two days of discussion with representatives from employers in the public and private sectors.

At the Summit we tackle the toughest topics, from level and compensation decisions to how to deliver programming when participants are not joining at the same time in a cohort. We are uniquely situated to be able to bring together such a broad range of employers to focus on the critical elements of successful career reentry programming. We want to see as many employers as possible running return to work programs and the Summit is one way to advance that goal.

The Summit also gives us the opportunity to share our expertise and test our ideas. Plus - community! We are able to introduce career reentry leaders to each other and to provide a platform for them to stay connected, share ideas and continue to learn from each other beyond the Summit.

Employer representatives can join our employer community here.

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Meet the top thinkers and practitioners in the career reentry space

Lineup of the 2020 Virtual Speaker Series

We knew our employer community was ready for a dedicated event to exchange the best ideas, learn from each other, and benefit from the subject matter expertise of iRelaunch. Having worked with return to work programs since 2005, even before iRelaunch was officially a company, and as a result of our deep involvement with the major return to work programs in the ensuing 15 years, we were in the unique position to expand our employer events and create the very first conference dedicated specifically to employers and return to work programming. The 2020 iRelaunch Employer Return to Work Summit was ready to happen when COVID hit.

Immediately, we pivoted to a virtual format and launched the 2020 iRelaunch Virtual Speaker Series on Building the Best Employer Return to Work Programs. This 11-session series featured some of the top leaders of return to work programs across sectors talking about some of the most challenging and interesting issues involved in running RTW programs.

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Employer Events

Browse other events intended for our employer audience

We bring together our employer community regularly to discuss innovations and best practices in career reentry programming. Over the last five years, we brought our employer community together multiple times both in person and virtually. Each time, these gatherings attracted more and more employers. After our plans for a 2020 Employer Summit were canceled due to COVID, we decided to hold our Employer Summit virtually in 2021. This is a private, closed event exclusively for employers that: a) are contemplating a future return to work program, b) have piloted a program and are early in the process of building one, and c) run later stage, more mature programs that are expanding globally and are constantly looking to improve.

Learn more about our history, our impact and our vision for the future