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Let iRelaunch help your organization tap into a diverse and talented group of professionals with re-entry programing and consulting services

Targeted Communications

A direct line to highly credentialed & motivated professionals ready to re-enter the workforce.

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Mid-career internship program development, management briefings & recruiter training.

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Research & Publications

Seminal research, Harvard Business Review articles, books and more authored by Carol Fishman Cohen.

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Our Community

A unique demographic of highly educated & eager professionals

93% female 100% college-educated 70% graduate degrees, mostly MBAs & JDs


Located internationally and nationally with concentrations in NYC tri-state area, Boston, Chicago, Washington, DC, Northern & Southern California

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Event Sponsorship

iRelaunch Return to Work Conferences:

Meet high-caliber, mostly female professionals ready to return to work at the largest and longest-running dedicated career re-entry event in the US.

iRelaunch FastTracks:

Sponsor your own iRelaunch half-day event in any city.

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