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If you’re an advocate or champion of relaunchers and are already aware of the incredible value they bring to the workforce, or if you’re looking to provide support and resources to these relaunchers, you’re in the right place.

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University Partners

A common goal

Alumni associations. Career Services. Alumni relations. Career and Professional Development. Alumni clubs. However you refer to these groups within your institution, we have a mutual goal with our university partners: to provide high-caliber, high-quality resources at an affordable price point to alumni seeking career advice. Especially alumni that come knocking at the door of your institution's career services or alumni relations departments looking for guidance on how to address a gap on their resume or to get back to work after a career break. We've partnered with countless colleges and universities due to this natural alignment and shared objective. We've already built the framework and the tools...join the ranks of the progressive institutions who partner with us to provide top-notch career advice and benefit from our extensive expertise on career reentry.
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Professional Association Partners

Value-Added Content and Resources

The reality is that relaunchers are everywhere. If you lead or belong to a professional association or networking group, chances are there are several members that are also relaunchers - whether they realize it or not! We often advise relaunchers to seek out the professional organizations and continuing education events that are relevant to their career relaunch interests as a relaunching strategy. Why not provide those relaunchers in your midst (and even those without career breaks) valuable career insights, job search strategies and content on other relevant topics? You never know who may be anticipating a career break in the future or looking to get back to work after one. Chances are, everyone in the room knows a relauncher and can pass along the intel! iRelaunch is also an approved provider of continuing education credits for SHRM.
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Community Partners

The power of the community cohort

Not unlike the advice we give our relaunchers on the power of networking and importance growing your networking, our communities grow stronger and more powerful when we collaborate together. We partner with various affinity groups to build our the respective strength of our communities, cross-pollinate ideas, share the wealth of knowledge ensure that the right resources are getting to the right people in our community. If you have a similar audience to iRelaunch, or if you know there are relaunchers in you audience that you want to connect to our resources, we'd love to explore opportunities to benefit our respective communities.
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Not only for "stay at home" moms...employer return to work programs should tap "non-traditional" relauncher candidate pools of all kinds: veterans, military spouses, retirees, ex-pats....

The iRelaunch Team
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We recognize that our relaunchers are not one-dimensional, but are in fact multi-faceted individuals that have a variety of life experiences, identities and reasons or life circumstances for taking a career break.

Chances are, there are members in your audience, no matter what affinity ties your group together, that are also relaunchers looking to reenter the workforce.

Help give them the tools and opportunities they need to relaunch by partnering with us.