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Team Spotlight: Carla Dosmond

Hello Relaunchers! I'm Carla Dosmond, a member of the Business Development Team.

I am thrilled to join iRelaunch’s team as Business Development Executive. This position marks my second relaunch, and I’m passionate about helping those who want to get back into the workforce after a career break.

My career has primarily been abroad. After graduating from college, I worked in Frankfurt at a trading company for three years, and after earning my MBA, I moved to London to work in Equities at Morgan Stanley. When my children were born, I decided to step back from my career and focus on my family. It was after I had been home for several years, that the idea of returnships and the benefits of career relaunchers began to take hold. I used the incredible resources of iRelaunch and Carol Fishman Cohen’s book, Back on the Career Track, to guide my return.

I was thrilled to be accepted to Bank of America’s Returning Talent Program in London and gain a full-time position there in Global Banking and Markets. It was great to be among a cohort of fellow relaunchers and participate in a structured program. We supported each other, exchanged ideas, and kept in touch. When my family re-located to the New York area, I decided to take another career break while my children adjusted to life in the U.S.

This year, I was ready once again to relaunch and excited to see the position on iRelaunch’s Job Board in Business Development. I am enjoying working for a smaller company with a mission-driven focus. It has been interesting to adapt to changes in the workplace and all the adjustments that remote work bring. As Business Development Executive, I’m fortunate to partner with fantastic employers to bring great opportunities for those who are seeking to return to work.

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For those of you considering a return to work, I encourage you to take full advantage of iRelaunch’s resources. Our partner employers offer terrific opportunities through their returner programs and the iRelaunch Job Board. And there is so much information about how to prepare yourself for a job search on the website, iRelaunch Return to Work Roadmap, iRelaunch Conferences, and more.

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