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What is the iRelaunch Return to Work Conference?

May 14 — May 16, 2024
Virtual, on the Brazen Platform

The iRelaunch Return to Work Conference is a three-day event full of education, inspiration and opportunity to connect with employers looking to hire professionals who have been on a career break. Whether you are just beginning your relaunch or testing the waters to see if now is the time to return to work, the Conference will provide the tools and inspiration you need to take the next step. If you have been trying to relaunch and not getting the results you had hoped for, the Conference is a great way to gain insight into the relaunching process and, most importantly, meet employers who want to talk to you.

All registrants receive complimentary access to the Return to Work Roadmap when they register. We recommend starting to work through this online resource prior to attending the Conference in order to make the most of your Conference experience.

I am learning SO MUCH from this conference. My level of gratitude for the organizers and the panel participants is off the charts. In the past 48 hours I've implemented many tips for strengthening my resume, preparing for interviews/chats, and applied to several re-launcher and re-ignite programs. I have my work cut out for me tonight to prepare for tomorrow's chats. Were it not for these panel sessions, I can guarantee I would flub my interviews and be totally unprepared for the chats. The struggle is real. Here are some of my take-aways and things I'm working on later today and tonight:

  • Stay positive
  • "Do it scared" (everything new is by definition outside your comfort zone)
  • Mine your work and volunteer experiences (also your career break) for where you learned and practiced transferable skills
  • Pre-prepare chat messages in a document to copy and paste in order to save time and make more use of the 10min chat opportunities.
October 2023 conference attendee
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When I attended the iRelaunch Spring conference in 2022, I never could have imagined the profound impact it would have on my professional journey. I gained friends through this conference who shared the same aspirations and we were accountable for each other's progress. The roadmap provided by iRelaunch served as a guiding light during my job search, offering a comprehensive and practical framework to navigate the often daunting return to the workforce. It is my sincere hope that more individuals will discover the immense value iRelaunch has to offer and take advantage of the life-changing resources you provide.

Priya Venkatesan
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Who should attend?

This Conference is about relaunching your career. It is open to the public and meant for anyone who has the desire to get back to work after a multi-year career break regardless of your industry or field, the length of your career break, or the reason you chose to take a career break (child or elder care, health issues, pursuit of a personal interest, etc.).

Is this event only for women or mothers?

Not at all!

The event is open to anyone who has taken a career break, who is looking for tactical information and strategies on how to relaunch their career.

What can I expect?

The event will take place virtually over the course of 3 days. The first two days will consist of content only and will not have any networking with sponsoring employers. The entirety of Day 3 will be dedicated only to networking with these incredible sponsors.

How will content be delivered?

Upon Conference registration, you will immediately receive access to the iRelaunch Return to Work Roadmap and other important content to help you prepare in the months leading up to the event.

During the 3-day Conferences, you will

  • hear from iRelaunch CEO and Co-founder Carol Fishman Cohen in a live keynote address
  • hear from return to work career reentry leaders from some of the nation’s largest employers on return to work career reentry strategies, what employers are looking for and the latest in return to work career reentry programming (live employer panel discussions)
  • attend our popular “Assessing Your Career Options” workshop (live session)
  • get top advice from our iRelaunch coaching team (live panels)
  • visit with employer sponsor representatives who are hiring relaunchers (live employer booths)

How will I connect with employers?

iRelaunch has done extensive research to find the best platform available for conversations between job seekers and employers.

Through the platform's orderly queue, you'll be able to have focused, text-based chat conversations and may also be invited by the Representative to video or audio chat. You will have the option to accept the invitation to begin video or audio chatting or to decline and continue the text chat. Read how the Video-Audio-Chat experience will be during the Conference.

Your resume, if already uploaded to your profile, is automatically provided to employers when you enter their booths to chat.

With this easy-to-use, online chat platform, you'll be able to confidently make your best impression and begin meaningful conversations with employers.

Do I need any special technology to attend?

Nope! There are no downloads or plug-ins required to participate in an event on the Brazen platform. You just need a strong internet connection and one of our supported browsers.

All modern browsers which support WebRTC, including the latest versions of:

  • Chrome (desktop and mobile)
  • Version 83 and higher for Windows
  • Safari (desktop and mobile; screen sharing feature is limited)
  • Firefox
  • MS Edge

NOTE: Some sponsors may invite you to a video chat, if you choose to participate in a video chat you must make sure your camera and microphone are enabled.

My favorite part of the day was when I was able to connect with recruiters from different companies, from the comfort of my home. It gave me newfound confidence and lifted my spirits. What's more, I have a few companies who gave me great feedback and have an interview lined up as well. Thank you, Team iRelaunch for creating this platform and making this otherwise confusing, lonesome journey very productive.

May 2022 Conference Attendee
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