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Team Spotlight: Rochna Pant

Hi there! I'm Rochna!

Rochna with her family at a park

By Rochna Pant

For as long as I can remember, people have told me things. All sorts of things. Not just superficial or fun stories, but deeply moving and honest tales that reveal what excites, motivates, scares, and attracts them. I'm a naturally curious person, so I'm fascinated to learn what makes people tick. And I believe others are, too. The trick is to find the spark in each person and shine a spotlight on it so that others are drawn—like me—to their presence. There's something truly special about hearing people's stories and connecting with them on a deeper level. It's amazing how much we can learn from each other's experiences and perspectives.

Whether it's listening to a loved one's life story, interviewing someone for a project or publication, or simply striking up a conversation with a stranger, there's always something to gain from hearing someone else's story.

In a world that can often feel divided and disconnected, taking the time to listen and connect with others can be incredibly powerful. It can help us to better understand each other, break down barriers, and build stronger, more compassionate communities.

And that has been a common thread across my career- People and their Stories. My career journey began in education, where I worked as a teacher, education administrator and a subsequently a teacher educator. I was passionate about education and enjoyed working with students and teachers to create engaging learning experiences where my mantra was- "Question Everything". However, I was also interested in exploring new career opportunities and using my skills and experience to make a difference in other ways. I decided to take a risk and partnered up to run a college consulting business. Being responsible for the cashflow in this new role was both challenging and rewarding. I had to learn how to market my services, manage finances, and build relationships with clients. I also found that I was able to use my skills and experience in new and creative ways, and I enjoyed the freedom and flexibility.

In 2018, when our family was given an opportunity to move to the US from India, it was exciting as well as overwhelming. Believing that everything is figure-outable, we moved with the flow . Quoting Friedrich Nietzsche here- “If you have a ‘Why’ to live, you can endure almost any ‘How.’”

Within 2 months of landing in the US, I was lucky to be targeted with a Facebook ad(!!) . I got an opportunity to volunteer, lead digital marketing initiatives, conduct workshops, and dive into analytics to build business focus for an organization committed to making women current, connected and confident after a career pause.

With digital marketing skills and a data driven approach, I was ready for my next challenge and scale my ambition further. I am incredibly grateful to iRelaunch for this opportunity. Creating assets, compiling success stories after relaunching and designing meaningful campaigns to spread the word about iRelaunch far and wide fills me with pride and leaves me with a sense of contentment like no other. This is an exciting and a rewarding time to be in the career reentry space and I am fortunate to be able to contribute to this mission which is moving the needle in every which way to normalise career breaks for everyone, everywhere.

Outside of work, I love listening to audiobooks, doing yoga, and hiking with my family.

As I reflect back on my life arc, I observe that my core character has always directed me to worthy causes where I have looked at the situation from a sense of purpose. To always use my voice for a cause and advocate for the underdog matters to me!
Thanks for reading and best of luck to you on your relaunch journey. Can't wait to listen and document your success stories :)

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