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We’ve worked with over 250 employers, most of them global leaders in their sectors, to design, launch and market their career reentry programs and jobs of all kinds. Our breadth of experience allows us to be versatile in our offerings; we can serve as a strategy and implementation partner from conception to the program's launch and expansion or simply support individual elements of the program.

No matter how we partner, your organization receives our expert, best-practices-based advice and guidance.

Whether you are just starting to think about developing a program for relaunchers or are deep into it, we can help. Please get in touch to learn more about our client-centered consulting services so we can develop a custom proposal that meets your needs.

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We had the pleasure of working with iRelaunch to launch our return-to-work program at Amdocs, and it was an incredibly positive experience. From the beginning, the iRelaunch team was professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated to helping us create a return-to-work program. The iRelaunch team provided us with a wealth of resources, including training materials, best practices, and a comprehensive guide to designing and implementing a successful return to work program. They worked closely with us to tailor the program to our specific needs and they provided ongoing support as we implemented the program. Thank you iRelaunch!

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Here is a brief overview of return to work program types and models our clients have piloted and expanded. To begin with a primer on Returnships themselves, visit our Returnships 101 Guide.

Returnship Programs

Returnship programs are mid-career return to work programs that are modeled on an internship-like experience. Typically, participants go through the program together in a cohort, but they can also start the program on a "rolling admissions basis. Specialized programming, and mentors, buddies, managers and recruiters who are selected and trained specifically for roles in the returnship program are features of these programs that set relaunchers up for success. Typically returnships are "intent to hire," meaning an open headcount role is attached to the returnship, and the expectation is that the relauncher will convert to employee status at the end of the program. 

Direct Hire Programs

“Direct hire” means the relauncher is hired as an employee from day one and still benefits from the special features of career reentry programming as outlined above in the “returnship” section. Sometimes direct hire programs are cohort based and sometimes there are “loose” cohorts in which participants start at different times but are still linked to other relaunchers inside the organization.

Hybrid Programs

Sometimes an employer will run returnship and direct hire models at the same time – either depending on the global location, or because they are testing whether one or the other model will work best for their organization longer term. This is what we call a “hybrid” program.


Event based career reentry programs are one or two day workshops that give participants exposure to the employer and its employees. Relaunchers apply to attend and a limited number are accepted. This group becomes a pool from which to hire relaunchers directly into full time roles. We partner with employers to make presentations, moderate panels and offer other content for these one or two day workshops.

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iRelaunch was an integral partner to the launch of Return Utah and our partnership continues as the program is expanding. The iRelaunch team's guidance, expertise, ideas, examples and breadth of knowledge were critical to the success of the first cohort, which had to come together under a tight time frame. This was important because the first cohort established the framework for the program going forward. In addition, iRelaunch trained our Return Utah recruiters and managers, and ran the orientation and group coaching meetings for the relauncher participants. 100% of our participants were hired when the pilot completed and we could not be happier. Thank you iRelaunch!

Shay Baker Head, Return Utah
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World class programming and training for all of your program constituents…

World class programming for all of your global consituents earth network

We have extensive experience delivering global programming to program stakeholders across a wide range of industries as part of our client partnerships. Employers engage us to provide training and support to recruiters, managers, mentors, buddies and program participants.

In fact, the number one thing we hear from clients that have piloted programs without our programming services is that they wished they had spent more time on training, specifically for managers and recruiters.

We are constantly evolving and refining our training modules. We’ve identified the best approaches and solutions for the most common pitfalls that managers and recruiters may find themselves in. Our presentations highlight, normalize and solve for these situations.

We are delighted with our partnership with iRelaunch to expand our reach to support and hire these talented relaunchers.

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Meet your Return to Work experts, consultants and trainers...

With nearly 30 years of combined experience on in-depth research, planning and implementation of career reentry programs from the ground up, our team’s consulting expertise brings an unparalleled breadth and depth of knowledge. Whether you're seeking the advice and perspective of an external consultant and thought leader, or a program manager who has developed and scaled an in-house program from scratch, with iRelaunch you have a well-rounded team of experts at your side.

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