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Virtual content and topics designed to meet your members where they are at in their career reentry planning

Boost engagement with your constituents. Expand return to work tools and resources available to your community. Select the most relevant content from our list of popular career reentry topics.

We’ve packaged practical and actionable content into a live one-hour webinar format for your audience. Each presentation includes 45 minutes of content delivery with 15 minutes allotted for Q&A at the end.

iRelaunch handles the content and event registration and can assist with developing a title and webinar description for your marketing materials.

Choose from the following session topics or get in touch to fine tune and curate the career reentry topics of your choice into a custom session or webinar series.

The webinar provided some very good points in how to avoid the "career break" trap. Be energetic, be prepared. Practice with friends and family members, your coach and other associates within the field that you are seeking.

Emory University Alumni Webinar Attendee
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Top Strategies for Returning to Work After A Career Break

A Fireside Chat with Career Reentry Expert Carol Fishman Cohen

Carol Fishman Cohen focuses on realistic, tactical and effective return to work and career transition strategies in both up and down economies. She will get into the details of what to say, what not to say, where to look for jobs, and the antidote to ageism. She will also recount details of past relaunch success stories that are instructive and inspirational - "real" relaunchers! Participants will walk away feeling more confident and better positioned for the job search, no matter what the economic environment. This session also has the optional component to feature an interactive panel composed of fellow peers, alumni or members of your organization who have reentered the workforce or launched a career transition.
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Difficult Conversations in Career Reentry

Career Breaks, Internships and Ageism

How do I explain my career break? What happens when the employer is interested, but still hesitant to hire me because I am transitioning to a new field? How do I respond to "you seem really overqualified for this role"? Carol Fishman Cohen will share proven language that can be used for these conversations, giving you the scripts for the best responses. She will also suggest language for what to write when getting back in touch with colleagues from years past, and how introverts can use their writing skills to meet experts and other important people in their chosen field, whether they are returning to what they left or transitioning to something new.
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Anticipating Future Career Breaks

What You Can Do NOW to Ensure a Smooth Return to Work Later

A career break may be the furthest thing from your mind right now. But looking ahead, there are expected and unexpected reasons why you might take a break from your career: childcare, eldercare, illnesses, infertility issues, a wish to travel or pursue a personal interest, or corporate downsizing. What steps should you take now as a working professional who is anticipating a future career break? What do you need to do while you are still working in order to lay the groundwork for a successful career reentry later? And once on career break, what are the best strategies to pursue to ensure a smooth return to work when you are ready to return? Carol Fishman Cohen, CEO and Co-founder of iRelaunch, TED Talk speaker, and regular Harvard Business Review contributor will discuss key strategies to start with now, and explain why these will reap great benefits later when you are ready to return to work. Popular with young professional and young alumni groups!
Job searching during recession

Job Searching in a Recession

What we learned from the 2008 and 2020 job markets

iRelaunch understands job searching in a recession. As a company, iRelaunch has weathered two recessions: the prolonged recession of 2008 and the more recent recession brought on by the Pandemic in 2020 before the economy turned around. When we relaunchers are in the active job search stage of our relaunch, and it's taking "forever," it's easy to fill our heads with a lot of negative messaging. If we are job searching in a "down economy" or recession, we could get negative feedback from others around us and ourselves: "The economy is so bad right now, you will never get a job. No one is hiring." This webinar presents strategies for relaunching during a downturn that were successful for relaunchers in 2008 and 2020. Learn what strategies are the same no matter what the economy and those that are especially for relaunching in a recession.
The 40 year old intern what employers need to know

The 40-Year-Old Intern

What Employers Need to Know about Reentry Internships

The 40 Year Old Intern was the name of Carol Fishman Cohen's first article for Harvard Business Review. It was all about the use of internship-like experiences to engage with professionals returning to work after a career break. That was nearly 10 years ago and things have really changed since then! Employer career reentry programs have proliferated, scaled and gone global. Some are returnships and some are not. All require a career break in order to be eligible to apply and participate. But how is career break defined and what are the eligibility factors? What must relaunchers be sure to do when applying in order to even be considered? Find out in this tactical and informative session.
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Relaunch Your Career Workshops

Resumes, Interviews & Job Search Tactics

We get into the "nitty gritty" of talking about and writing about the "Career Break" on resumes, LinkedIn profiles and in interviews. We will cover actual "Scripts & Dialogues™" of what to write and what to say when in the active job search part of a relaunch. We will get specific and include job search tactics for a range of common (and not so common) scenarios that relaunchers find themselves in when relaunching careers. We will focus on both employers with formal career reentry programs and those without them. We will also cover scenarios of being called overqualified and how to suggest a short term work opportunity to test out a working relationship.

I found all the information provided in this seminar to be extremely useful to relaunchers of various backgrounds. In particular, I found the segments on figuring out what exactly you want to do, the 3Cs [Content, Compensation and Control], confidence, and networking to be most useful.

Harvard University Alumni Webinar Attendee
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