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Publicity Services and Private Recruiting Events

If it’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s the high-caliber talent in our 100,000+ relauncher community.

We’d love to introduce you to them.

Our publicity packages will connect you to this often overlooked talent pool comprised of professionals returning after a career break with coveted skills, education, and work and life experience.

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We have several email and social media options to help you uncover these “gems of the workforce.” Let us guide you in choosing the best way to promote your return to work program, job opportunities, recruiting event, or other opportunities of interest to relaunchers. Whichever option you choose, your messaging is sure to get relaunchers' attention.

Not only are our publicity channels the right vehicle to reach the widest audience of relaunchers, we are experts in program marketing and messaging. We get into the details, down to specific keywords and imagery that we know resonate with the relauncher audience.

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We had a total of 82 applicants [for our return to work program], 27 of which came from iRelaunch. Of the 11 finalists we're making 9 offers, and 4 are from iRelaunch!! So, about 50% of our offers are candidates who found our posting on [the iRelaunch Job Board] site!

Jessica DeStefano Senior Recruiter, Capco
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Whether you choose to recruit through one of our program promotional packages, our Conferences, our job board, a private recruiting event, or a combination of these options, rest assured there is an option that will suit your needs.

Recruit from diverse relauncher talent pool

When our client prefers something different or in addition to what the timing and/or multi-employer participation of our Conference offers, we can also partner with our client on a dedicated info session or private recruiting event focused nationally or on one or more of the client’s hiring hubs. These events can be held virtually through either our client’s platform or our platform (or in-person when that option again becomes possible).

Our clients find these events to be an effective way to engage with relaunchers and spotlight their employer’s job opportunities, people, and culture. We have partnered on these events for clients with formal reentry programs and for clients that hire relaunchers directly into open roles.

Get in touch with our team to discuss our offerings and which are the best fit for your organization!

Reach out to our Business Development Team

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