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iRelaunch Team Spotlight: Ali Takahashi

Q: Where did you grow up and attend school?
A: I was born in Boston, Massachusetts, grew up in Glastonbury, CT, and received my Bachelors of Arts in English at Boston College in 2016.

Q: Can you tell us about your family?
A: My father is the Director of Interventional Radiology at The Hospital of Central Connecticut located in Bristol, CT. He and my mother, who is a Registered Nurse, opened their own aesthetic practice, Takahashi Facial Aesthetics, which is located in Rocky Hill, CT in 2016. My younger brother is a rising Senior at Pennsylvania State University majoring in Information Systems and Technology. We have a Cavachon (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Bichon Frise) dog named Wilson.  

Q: What does your professional life look like and what are your career aspirations?
A: In addition to my role as the Marketing and Support Specialist at iRelaunch, I am also a full-time Staff Consultant at Ernst and Young’s (or EY’s) Government and Public Sector Advisory practice, which is based out of Tysons Corner, VA. Though I’ve only been working for two years since graduating college, I have ambitious and optimistic career aspirations for myself. I’ve found my work as a Consultant to be incredibly engaging and believe that this is the career path for me. I hope to be promoted to Senior Consultant in 1 year and to Manager 3 years thereafter. If and when I reach that point in my career, I’d like to pursue either an Executive-level role in a new sector, or I’d like to serve as an Executive Director or Principal at a Consulting firm.  

Q: Have you thought about taking a career break in the future?
A: I have not taken a career break but have often thought about the possibility of doing so. As a twenty-something, I am not yet married nor do I have children, but I know that someday I would like to raise a family and play an active role in my children’s lives. I have not decided if I will take a career break at that time, but I do know that I will certainly take either a portion or the entirety of the maternity leave that I am given. Since I do not have children of my own right now, I don’t feel as though I can make a definitive decision, but certainly would like the flexibility to do so in the future. I believe choosing a partner who is supportive of both my personal and professional ambitions will be critical in making the best decision when that time comes.    

Q: How and why did you come to work at iRelaunch? 
A: I came to work at iRelaunch thanks to an information-gathering coffee chat with Carol Fishman Cohen, Co-Founder and Chair of iRelaunch, at the Peet’s Coffee shop in Newton Centre in Newton, MA. Against all odds, Carol Fishman Cohen was actually hoping to gather information from me, yes me, a freshly graduated college student finding my way in the working world. As you can imagine, it didn’t take more than a Google search for me to realize that Carol was an absolute super star and that I was very lucky to be asked to coffee by such an accomplished woman. I also was seriously questioning what it was that I was going to be informing her about. At the time, I just so happened to be serving as the Marketing Specialist on the Board of the Lean In Boston Chapter, a non-profit organization where Carol had just been a guest speaker. The pretense was marketing and the appropriate hourly wage of a marketing intern. The result was total enthrallment with the relevance of the work that Carol was doing, the utility of the services her company provided, the lives they had inevitably changed, and the incredible amount of ambition and sheer talent that it evidently took to start her own company and lead it through such success. It wasn’t until the very end of the conversation that I told Carol that I was the person for the job. It’s been a wonderful ride ever since; I gained a new position and a mentor.   

Q: What do you for fun? 
A: In my spare time, I enjoy binge-watching the show Portlandia (available on Netflix), spending time with friends and family, petting other people’s dogs, and treating myself to coffee. I also deeply enjoy sleeping in and lounging in air conditioning. 

Q: Can you tell us a little-known fact about you?
A: I am my best self when I’m running on a small iced coffee, a manageable amount of stress-induced anxiety, a stash of snacks, a can-do attitude, and some inspiration!

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