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5 Reasons Why Homemade Soup is a Relauncher’s Best Friend

It's 6pm. Your partner has just emerged from their virtual office in the basement, the kids are cranky after a day of Zoom calls at virtual school, and you are sitting at the kitchen counter networking online as you relaunch your career.  Your family wanders into the kitchen wearing their “What’s for dinner?” expressions.  You glance at the clock (when did it get so late?), then look around furtively.  The oven is cold and the groceries you bought with the best of intentions are at least an hour away from being transformed into anything remotely edible. Hmmm, do you order pizza (again,) make dinner while everyone fills up on chips and pretzels, or tell them, “mask up, we’re going to support a local restaurant?”

No worries! As the leaves turn bright and the nights grow crisp, here are 5 reasons why homemade soup can become your best friend:

You can make soup on the weekend and eat it all week.  Last Sunday, while the rest of the household was watching football, I threw onions, celery, carrots, garlic, and lentils into a pot with water and broth.  45 minutes later, I had a huge pot of steaming soup (and dinner we could nosh on all week), and I still saw most of the game with my family.

You can freeze it for emergency dinners.  My freezer currently holds dinner-sized tubs of chicken broth, squash soup, chili, pea soup and (now) lentil soup. Martha Stewart would love my freezer!  If I’m uninspired, running late, or just don’t feel like cooking another *#*#*&* dinner, I throw one of these in a pot on the stove and 30 minutes later, it’s bubbling and emitting “she’s been slaving in the kitchen” fragrances.

It’s easy to microwave.  Do you kids walk in the door shouting “I’m starving,” while you are still writing your cover letter or prepping for an interview?  Homemade soup is kid-friendly and filling.  Plus, kids can microwave in their sleep—or while texting their friends. 

It contains all the major food groups.  Most soups contain vegetables and protein, putting it on the healthy side of the food ledger.  (OK, maybe not broccoli cheddar or crab bisque, but we have to indulge sometimes.) Add a salad and some bread, and you’ve got a meal that any fitness trainer would approve of.

Chicken soup is good for the soul. (Our favorite reason!) To help you launch your homemade soup journey and nourish your soul, here’s our favorite Jewish Grandmother’s chicken soup recipe in her own words. 

1. One large Kosher (must be kosher) soup chicken (must be soup chicken) cut in quarters.
2. 2 onions quartered
3. Several cloves garlic
4. 3 carrots and 1 parsnip (or combination you want) cut in thirds.
5. 2 stalks celery leaves on, cut in thirds.
6. Bunch of dill (this is essential)
7. Whole peppercorns
8. Kosher salt to taste

Cover chicken and vegetables with just enough water (add more as needed)
Bring to boil
Simmer 3-4 hours uncovered- add more water after first hour.
NEVER cover.
Strain. Adjust seasonings.
Put in fridge overnight and remove fat from top the next day.
LOVE Grandma

Bonus benefit:  Homemade soup goes well with wine—need we say more?

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