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Recharge Your Job Search in Six Steps

Perhaps you decided a while ago to reenter the workforce. The thing is you decided ... a while ago. You’re still looking and starting to feel rejected and unmotivated, which leads to a concerning lack of enthusiasm. Your search battery is at 7%, how can you get it back to 100%? Here are six specific steps you can take to recharge your job search:

1. Review your reasons for returning to work – Maybe you decided to return to work because you’ve got more free time, you want some extra income or you simply want to shake things up. Whatever the reason, it’s still as valid today as it was before. Focusing on why you started this return to work journey will help maintain your momentum.

2. Reevaluate your strengths and talents – You know you have skills that employers value. When discussing your skills, are you doing so in a way that is meaningful and relevant in today’s market?  Employers’ desire for soft skills are evergreen, but if you talk about them in an old school way – your skills will seem outdated. So revise your story to match what employers want (which is the same as what they’ve always wanted).

  Old School   New School
  Out of the box thinking   Problem solving
  Affinity for numbers   Analytical
  Quick learner   Agile performer.

3. Reengage with your network  – Yes, you contacted friends, family and old co-workers when you started searching, but have you kept in touch? Email your network and let them know what you’ve been doing. Be sure to highlight if your return to work plans have changed in any way – different role, industry, etc. Regularly updating your network with updates on you shows them your level of commitment and keeps you top of mind.

4. Reset your expectations – Perhaps you didn’t like your previous field, so you want an entirely new field.  Maybe you’re disappointed that you left before you got that promotion, so now you want that title.  Did you regularly work 12+ hour days and now you want part-time?  Essentially - are you looking to correct some career missteps when you return to work?  It’s great to have big dreams and pursue them.  However, if you are looking for a new field AND upgraded title AND limited hours, it will be difficult to get that all at once. If your “must haves” list is long, recognize that there’s a direct correlation between number of priorities and length of search.

5. Revamp your tactics – Take the time to ensure that your job searching fundamentals are solid. One general resume doesn’t work today. Tailor your resume for each job for which you apply. Practice your interview answers. Be appropriately detailed and specific about YOU accomplished, so an interviewer can get excited about what you offer. Create a compelling LinkedIn profile. Use an attention-grabbing headline, include a professional-looking headshot, give and get endorsements and recommendations.  

6. Realize you are not alone – It may seem like you are the only one looking for a job. To make the journey less lonely, create a job search support system. Hire a career coach who can help you navigate the new world of job searching. Join a local meetup group – they can be great places to learn who’s hiring and expand your network. Stay involved with iRelaunch – hundreds of job seekers attend our Conferences, it’s a great opportunity to meet others just like you. If you can’t make it to a Conference – join our private Facebook group, it's 4000-members strong, and we delve into all manner of relaunch-related topics. Additionally, we send out relevant email communications and regularly publish a podcast, with content of interest to you.  

Job searching is challenging and often exhausting, and it’s common to experience a lull in your search. These six insights will be instrumental for reinvigorating your search. 

Kendell Brown is a member of the iRelaunch Career Coaching team. Founder of Ascension Careers and a relauncher herself, She works with clients with to ascertain and achieve their career goals via strategic planning, positioning and branding assessments, identifying transferrable skills and providing counsel for working through challenging work situations.

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