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Kendell Brown smiles in a headshot wearing a gray shirt and gold necklace

Kendell Brown

Career Coach

2019 Chicago Conference Matthew Temple and Kendall Brown fireside chat

You’ve decided to return to work. While this is an exciting time, you likely have a few concerns. Are you worried that your skills are outdated? Do you wonder how you will manage your professional growth while keeping your personal life on track? Do you want to pursue a career that differs from the one you had prior to your career break? I dealt with each of these questions as I successfully relaunched my career after a five-year break.

I returned to the work force as a professional development and executive career coach at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. In that role, I leveraged my 20+ year career, a career that was been both fulfilling and challenging. Upon graduation from the University of Michigan, I started working in Accounting and Finance. I built a strong financial acumen by advising clients in a wide range of industries, ranging from banking to hospitality. Eventually, I used that experience to underwrite multi-million dollar commercial real estate deals.

Deciding to build upon my skills and grow my career, I returned to school and earned my MBA at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. After business school, I started working in brand management at a variety of consumer packaged goods companies, including Colgate, Kraft and Heinz.

Due to my extensive corporate experience, I know what employers want in new hires and I understand the expectations they have for high-caliber career performance. I used this knowledge to launch Ascension Careers, a coaching consultancy that works with motivated clients to achieve their job search, career and career development goals. It is my privilege to coach my clients to manage and grow careers that ignite their passions, honor their values and provide continued growth.

As a relauncher myself, I am thrilled to partner with iRelaunch and work with clients embarking on a new career adventure.

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