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Team Spotlight: Kellie Van

Hello there, my name is Kellie Van!

I am so thrilled to be part of the iRelaunch team! Hello there, my name is Kellie Van, and I am the COO here at iRelaunch. I've been working in product-focused industries for the longest time, so it's a breath of fresh air to join a company that is mission driven and knowing that I am able to contribute in making a difference.

On a personal note, I am a relauncher myself which is the reason why iRelaunch resonates so closely. During my pregnancy with Zoey, my first child, I made the decision to step back to focus on being a first-time mom. During this challenging time (have you ever been around a colicky baby for 24/7 for three months straight?!), I found myself longing for a creative outlet. It was then that I pursued my passion as a creative and launched my personal blog and Instagram account. Being able to have an outlet outside of being a full-time mommy, I found myself most balanced as a human. Once I rejoined the workforce, I worked in marketing creative departments at J.Jill, Wayfair and Living Proof managing high-functioning design teams and establishing processes to improve workflow efficiency.

Kellie's chidren Zoey and Axel are busy making dough in the kitchen

I am a mother of two to Zoey and Axel. They're polar opposites. Zoey follows rules, a neat-freak, and loves meat; while Axel breaks rules, a destroyer of all things and loves his vegetables. They do have something in common and that is they both LOVE art. Our family currently reside in a Boston brownstone (our dream home) although the renovation part is never-ending.

As a family, we absolutely love living in the city although we cherish weekend adventures when we could escape the hustle and bustle. Our visits to the farms in the fall are really special and in the summer we love going down to the Cape to shellfish. At home, we love cooking and working on art projects!

Three last fun facts: I love spicy foods, I am bilingual (I speak/write Vietnamese) and favorite food since childhood: Popeyes!

Kellie Van's beautifully white dining room with a crystal chandelier and a bag of Popeyes takeout on the wooden table

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