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Free Return to Work Roadmap Mini-Course

Not sure if you're ready for the comprehensiveness of the entire Return to Work Roadmap, or are you wanting to take it for a bit of a test drive first?

Rest assured, you've come to the right place, and we, for one are so glad you're here!

iRelaunch has helped thousands of professionals return to work and we can help you too.

We've included one STEP from each of the five PHASES of your relaunch in this Roadmap mini-course. PLUS, you'll have access to a special discount for the FULL Roadmap.

Let's hit the "ROAD" and return to work!

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Take 5 giant steps on the iRelaunch Return to Work Roadmap...

Click on the button below for free and immediate access to five crucial STEPS on the iRelaunch Return to Work Roadmap:

  • From Phase One: Make the most of your break. :: Step 2: Enlist support
  • From Phase 2: Defining YOURSELF - Clarity for the road ahead :: Step 4: Assess your readiness to relaunch
  • From Phase 3: Explore the right job for you :: Step 10: Map the key functions for your ideal job
  • From Phase 4: Discover, build and activate your network. :: Step 15: Use informational interviewing effectively
  • From Phase 5: Launch your search! :: Step 20: Research potential employers using all available channels

Plus you'll enjoy...

  • Access to community of more than 7,000 fellow relaunchers
  • And a SPECIAL OFFER to keep up your momentum with the FULL Return to Work Roadmap!


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See how others have relaunched...

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration. That's why we've tracked thousands of relaunchers success stories since we established the reentry industry back in 2007. From extensive career gaps, to learning new skills, to major job transitions - these relaunchers have seen it all and have returned to fulfilling careers.

For a quick little dose of inspiration, browse the many stories we've documented over the years and be sure to check back frequently as we are continually adding new stories!

Changed your mind and ready to hit the road with the full Return to Work Roadmap?