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Confidence-building Fashion - Video!

After months (years?) of contemplating returning to work, you've finally made the decision to start that journey. You might be at the beginning, and just finding creative ways to network or strategically volunteer. Or, you might be further along and have your first interview scheduled. Either way, you are about to embark on something that is going to call on every ounce of confidence you have. And while we love the mantra "confidence comes from within," we also know that a great outfit is the icing on the "confidence from within" cake.

Now, we all know that feeling of opening our closets and staring blankly into the fashion abyss that has been lovingly cobbled together over years and maybe decades (those super soft jeans, your selection of athleisure separates that if we're all being honest really belong in the gym or on the couch, that black blazer that was your go to back in the day but is just the teensiest bit too long, too short, too many buttons - seriously??? How can a black blazer go out of fashion???). Or maybe it's that neon yellow top from a particularly adventurous period that used to be your "pop of color" but now makes you look and feel like a yellow highlighter. These forlorn fashion friends are unlikely to give you the confidence boost you need for that interview or [fill in the blank with any heart-pounding sweat-inducing confidence-demanding experience].

We have two pieces of good news for you. First, we guarantee that you have pieces in your closet that will work. How to find them? Easy! Try them on. Walk around. Maybe check yourself out in the mirror. Does that outfit make you feel like you could take on the world? Give your elevator pitch? Talk about why you took a career break? Call up a former colleague and ask them out for coffee? Win a tennis match against Serena Williams? (OK, if you answered yes to the tennis match, put it away right now). 

Second, you are not alone. Our own Sarah Mills has been in your shoes. A relauncher herself and now our Senior Director of Logistics, Sarah completely relates to the "what to wear" challenges of returning to the workforce. On any given day, she can be found running around (calmly, of course, and in heels) at one of our Conferences making sure everything is flowing as planned or on the phone with our speakers, sponsors, team members, program designers, and venues - putting all the pieces together for our events. 

Third, Sarah agreed to be featured in a video we co-created with some ideas for you. We teamed up with one of Boston's pre-eminent fashion bloggers and independent stylists, Tara West, to get her tips on confidence-building fashion choices. According to Tara, she chose local fashion boutique Ku De Ta  for her meeting with Sarah because "there is something at Ku De Ta for everyone ... great price points, variety, and style." Tara is known for her ability to bring out the best in her clients by putting them at ease and into the perfect outfits for whatever the occasion or lifestyle need. In the video (shot by the amazingly charming and talented Pablo Minier at Longwood Media), Tara talks to Sarah about her relaunch, thoughts on confidence-building fashion, and helps her pick out a few interview-worthy outfits. Enjoy!

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