Career Re-entry Programs

Background: There has been an explosion of career re-entry programs since 2004, when the topic of career re-entry began to gain steam in the media and as a research topic for academics. In October 2008, our first list included 57 programs worldwide, at universities, employers, government agencies, professional associations, non-profits and foundations. Only nine of these 57 programs, or 16%, existed prior to 2004. Domestically, six of 43, or almost 14%, existed prior to 2004.

We update the list regularly. At this point we have 189 programs identified since we began the list; 108 are active and 81 are inactive. Any return-to-work program at a university, employer, government agency, professional association, non-profit or foundation that has run at least once makes the list. We also include free or fee-based updating or other training programs. Of the 108 active programs, 58 are paid returning professional internship programs. Some programs that are no longer running were designed to only run once, while others might have been intended to run longer but did not. Note we don’t double count programs that are offered jointly between a school and a company, or an association and a company, although we list them separately. We also don't count strategic volunteering programs.

Help us keep the list current and accurate! Please contact us at to let us know about additions or corrections to the list. For expert advice on starting, refining or sourcing a re-entry internship program, please click here.

And now….The List!

Skills updating and support reentry programme.

Australian Graduate School of Management along with UBS

Kensington, Australia - Career Comeback for Professional Women Reentering the Workforce. Two-day program, free (underwritten by UBS), Ran 2007, 2008.


For Bryn Mawr alumnae and guests attending with an alumna.

Greater Returns: Restarting Your Career offers strategies to keep women professionally connected, easing their transition back to work. A joint program with Merrill Lynch and Columbia University. 

Harvard Business School "Charting Your Course"

Charting Your Course: Discovering Working Options. Two-day program. Fee $600.


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