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The 2022 iRelaunch Summer Series for Military-Connected Relaunchers

Access the recordings from the 2022 iRelaunch Summer Series for Military-Connected Relaunchers

Click on the session titles below to view and listen to conversations with military spouse relaunchers, military-friendly return to work employers, and a roundup of resources to assist military-connected relaunchers. (Note: your email address is required once to unlock the recordings.)

July 2022 Summer Webinar Series Part One Event Thumbnail with Headshots
Session One

Bridging the (Resume) Gap

Session One: Bridging the (Resume) Gap

Tune into this panel of military spouses to hear about their nonlinear professional journeys and how they ultimately landed successful, fulfilling careers despite the gaps in their resumes.

August 2022 Summer Webinar Session Two Speakers
Session Two

Return to Work Employer Showcase

Session Two: Return to Work Employer Showcase

Join us for a unique panel event featuring employers with military-friendly return to work programs interested in recruiting those with extended career breaks and resume gaps.

MCC Session Three Speakers 1280 X 830
Session Three

Military-Connected Resources Roundup

Session Three: Military-Connected Resources Roundup

Listen in as representatives from a number of military-connected resource organizations describe how their products and services can help you to relaunch your career.