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iRelaunch's Summer Webinar Series for Military-Connected Relaunchers

August 24, 2022

Session Three: Military-Connected Resources Roundup

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Research shows what the military-connected community already knows: career continuity is a big challenge for many military spouses. As a result, many of them leave rewarding careers and dream jobs to more fully focus on support and caregiving roles. When they are ready to relaunch the career they put on pause, they are faced with a new set of quandaries: how to format the gap(s) on their resume, how to bring their skills up-to-date, how to highlight the unpaid work they've done, how to prepare for interactions with employers, and a host of other questions.

Join the pioneers of the career reentry industry at iRelaunch as we address these topics during a three-part informational summer series for military-connected relaunchers. Registration is free and the session will take place via Zoom webinar.

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