iRelaunch Return-to-Work Conference

Sold out for the last seven years.

Our 20th iRelaunch Return to Work Conference will be held May 15, 2017 at Stanford University with the Stanford Alumni Association. Our 21st Conference will be at Columbia University on October 3, 2017. To be notified when registration opens, make sure to get on our mailing list HERE.

Get the most effective return-to-work strategies and career advice.
Make top employer and peer connections...all in one day.


"iRelaunch, a marketplace to connect what it calls “relaunchers” with companies looking to hire more diverse talent, hosts an annual conference that is a go-to in the re-entry space." --- Vogue Magazine

We are so excited to show you our just-released video. It's about more than our Conference - it captures the essence of relaunching:


WATCH NOW! Practical strategies. Top recruiter connections. Real success stories.

See highlights of our 2016 Return-to-Work Conference (with pictures!) here.


Since we launched our first Return-to-Work Conference in 2008, over 5,000 professionals have joined us for a jam-packed day of expert guidance and concrete direction, and to talk to employers about job opportunities.

Good news. More than 50 percent of attendees relaunched their careers within one year of our conference, most within six months.

Who Should Attend

Any returning professional who:

  • Has taken time off to raise children, care for aging or ill relatives, volunteer, pursue a personal interest, focus on a personal health issue, or other reasons
  • Feels isolated or stuck
  • Is eager to learn proven job-search strategies that work in today’s economy
  • Wants to meet employers interested in hiring relaunchers
  • Is interested in meeting other relaunchers
  • Is ready to start the next phase of her or his career journey

What You Can Expect

  • iRelaunch CEO Carol Fishman Cohen's Keynote: “Back on the Career Track: Top Strategies for Returning to Work," continually updated!
  • Special Presentation on Resumes, Interviews and Networking - What Relaunchers Need to Know
  • Panel of Employers Discussing Best Job Search Advice for Relaunchers
  • Breakout Session Panels:
    • “Relaunching Outside of Corporate” Panel - non-profits, start-ups, academia, public sector
    • Relaunching in tech, media, marketing, and healthcare panel
    • Panels on relaunching in law, finance, and consulting - through reentry internship programs or directly
    • "Assessing Career Options Workshop" - figure out exactly what you want to do
  • Employers Who Want to Meet YOU
  • Hundreds of Experienced, Educated Relaunchers Just Like You!
  • A Judgment-Free Zone in Which Employers and Participants are NOT Concerned About Your Career Gap!


What You Will Leave With:

  • The beginnings of a personalized, step-by-step return-to-work plan
  • Connections with employers interested in hiring relaunchers
  • Knowledge of the top strategies for your relaunch
  • A network of peer relaunchers
  • Confidence, energy and optimism!
  • And much more!


Speaker Highlights from Carol's acclaimed keynote: "Top Strategies for Returning to Work" - always updated for the best and latest ideas!

Conference Sponsors

Attendees can network with all of our sponsors and share their resumes with our employer sponsors. See our 2016 New York City Return-to-Work Conference Sponsors here.


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