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About the Conference


About the Conference

Are you thinking about restarting your career?     

Expert guidance, concrete direction, networking and motivation—you can expect all that at an iRelaunch Return to Work Conference. It’s a one-day event we’ve specifically designed to meet the needs of experienced professionals returning from career break. We host women and men who’ve taken time from their careers to care for children and parents, or pursue volunteer opportunities or personal interests. Why you took a break (or how long you’ve been out) doesn’t matter. What matters is finding practical, actionable and relevant guidance for returning to work with a purpose. Eager for strategies and of-the-moment advice to resume your career after time away from the workforce? You’re in the right place.

What you can expect

First and foremost, the Conference is structured to provide comprehensive and tactical return-to-work strategies and advice. From our information-packed keynote, "Back on the Career Track: Top Strategies for Returning to Work," to hearing directly from those who have made successful returns, to our intensive workshops on Career Assessment and Networking & Marketing Yourself, the Conference is high on content, low on fluff. You will also hear employers share advice on how to conduct a job search in today's difficult market, and have the chance to engage in substantive conversations with employer representatives.

During the day, you’ll connect with fellow relaunchers and returning professionals: attorneys, business people, engineers, and other professionals—as well as employer sponsors. In this judgment-free zone, you’ll have the opportunity to start your personalized plan for reentering the workforce, whether it’s in a typical “9-to-5” or in a job share, remote office, flexible schedule or other non-traditional arrangement.

Drawing on the day's presentations as well as a complimentary copy of Back on the Career Track, the acclaimed career reentry strategy book by the iRelaunch cofounders, you’ll leave the Conference with the confidence, skills and motivation to achieve success in your relaunch.

Watch our Keynote Highlights here:

Our track record

The iRelaunch Return to Work Conference has been held 16 times since 2008 in major U.S. cities and in London. Nearly 3,500 people have attended to date: 93% of participants are women, 70% have graduate degrees and 70% want to return to conventional full-time jobs. Over 50% of attendees have “relaunched” their careers within one year of attending the Conference, most within six months.

Hear from employers
at our London Conference

Hear from participants
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