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iRelaunch and PowerToFly

About our Partnership

What is PowerToFly?

PowerToFly's mission is to fast-track economic equality by upskilling and connecting underrepresented talent to roles in highly visible sectors.

They achieve their mission daily through connecting diverse talent to free live virtual events with decision makers from companies, whether they're looking to change their career or they’re happy in their current role. They also feature upskilling content and host summits with industry leaders creating diverse, inclusive and equitable workplaces.

They are women-led, intersectional and focus on empowering underrepresented talent across all races, ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations, abilities, veteran statuses and gender identities. They welcome allies.

Learn more about PowerToFly here!

Power to fly return to work summit march 2021
March 2021

Returning to Work Summit

A Conversation with the Co-Founder of iRelaunch on the Future of Returnships

In March of 2021, PowerToFly hosted Carol Fishman Cohen for a conversation with Lauren Hagerty, PowerToFly's Director of Marketing & Community as part of their Diversity Reboot Series, where the March event focused on Returning to Work. In this chat with Lauren, Carol shares her thoughts on the future of reentry in a pandemic world.

Power to Fly Pride at Work Recording image
June 2021

Fashion, Tech and New Beginnings: The Amazing Career Journey of Anna Nguyen

We presented this talk in partnership with PowerToFly during their Pride at Work Summit, part of PowerToFly's Diversity Reboot Series.

Anna is a proud transgender woman, and currently works as an Advisory Engineer at IBM after joining IBM through the 2018 cohort of IBM's Tech Re-Entry Program. Anna took a 3 year career break to explore a personal lifelong passion: fashion, working as a pattern maker for an up-and-coming fashion designer, and modeling in Fashion Weeks in New York City, London, Los Angeles and Kochi, India. We talk to Anna about her amazing journey of self-discovery and share tips for anyone who is looking to pivot or relaunch their career.

What Are Hiring Managers Looking For in a Returnship Candidate
August 2021

PowerToFly Chat n Learn with iRelaunch's Jennifer Howland

Have you taken a career break for any reason? You may be a relauncher and not even know it!

In this chat you'll learn:

  • What a returnship is and why is there a need for them
  • The different kinds of returnships that are available
  • What hiring managers are looking for in returnship candidates
Power To Fly September 2021 Q and A Session Event Square
September 2021

Free and Low Cost Upskilling and Reskilling Resources with PowerToFly's Amy Trappey

Many of our relaunchers want to upskill or reskill but they fall into two categories:

  • those who want to learn the latest office productivity tools, and
  • those who need to upskill in higher level tech knowledge like programming and coding languages, data science, cybersecurity and other technical fields

Join Carol Fishman Cohen for this Q&A session with PowerToFly's Head of Customer Success, Amy Trappey as they walk through each of these categories and discuss specific resources for each.

In this Q&A session, Carol and Amy will discuss the answer to questions such as...

  • What skills are you expected to "come to the table" with vs. what skills can you learn on the job?
  • What is your opinion on setting up and adding to a GitHub portfolio to archive tech projects from coursework?
  • What is GitHub and how does it work? Do you pay for it?
  • Do you have suggestions for other options for archiving and featuring technical projects?
  • Are there any credentials or skills that are especially valuable or in demand with employers?
  • Are there any specific courses or certificates that are highly recommended?
  • And more!
Power To Fly September 2021 Mid Career Pivot Summit
September 2021

Diversity Reboot: The Early Career Connections & Mid-Career Pivots Summit

Women revolutionized the workforce by entering professions in record numbers, but many stepped off the career track to care for their families. Now, these same women are forging new career paths by proving that they can return to challenging, meaningful careers after a break, and so can you. Back on the Career Track shows you how they are doing it and helps you learn from their successes and challenges. Step-by-step exercises, inspiring stories, sample resumes, and resource lists round out this engaging, well-researched look at when, how, and why women are returning to work after career breaks of a few months or many years. It offers the perfect first step and a handy resource to regularly reference as you successfully relaunch your own career. Did you leave the workforce during Covid or before? Employer return to work programs are effective vehicles for engaging with a wide range of non-traditional professionals to bring diverse talent into organizations. PowerToFly invited iRelaunch CEO & Co-Founder, Carol Fishman Cohen, to educate the audience on the origin of return to work programs as gender diversity initiatives, how they have evolved to address a broader range of diversity goals, and the impact of Covid and tighter labor markets on program eligibility guidelines. Carol also touches on the leadership opportunity open to visionary HR professionals who propose launching an in-house return to work program at their employer.