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2024 Virtual Return to Work Conference, May 14-16

3, 2, 1 iRelaunch Podcast

Normalizing career breaks™

...for relaunchers everywhere

Featured as a "Top Career Podcast" since its inception in 2017, 3, 2, 1 iRelaunch is our podcast focused on getting you Back on the Career Track and making your return to work smooth and successful. We feature strategies, advice and success stories about returning to work after a career break.

Our full episode listing is below. It is regularly updated with new episodes. If you're not sure where to dive in, get your feet wet with one of our mini-series: Managing Through a Prolonged Job SearchRelaunching in Senior RolesMilitary Spouse Relaunches and Longest Career Break Relaunches. The entire mini-series library is here.

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Episode 109: A Seasoned Recruiter’s Perspective on Relaunching: A conversation with Donnie Watson - Part 2

In this special 3, 2, 1, iRelaunch series on the nuts and bolts of the recruiting process, we speak with recruiters from firms with and without back-to-work programs to provide you with the broadest perspective possible. iRelaunch Special Advisor and Guest Podcast Host Cheryl McGee Wallace talks with Donnie…

Episode 104: Skills-based Volunteering and Your Relaunch with Nancy Eberhardt

Carol speaks with Nancy Eberhardt, Executive Director of Pro Bono Partnership, a nationally recognized provider of free business and transactional legal services to nonprofits. The organization recruits and supports volunteer attorneys with a range of specializations to help nonprofits achieve their goals, avoid risk, and better serve their constituencies. Carol…

Episode 102: What Country Are We Moving to Now? Ex-pats and Relaunching - with Katia Vlachos

Carol is joined today by Katia Vlachos, Expat Transition Coach and Author of “A Great Move: Surviving and Thriving in Your Expat Assignment." Being a trailing spouse or partner can be an exciting experience but is also challenging from a personal and professional standpoint. Katia shares advice for those re-patriating…

Episode 101: What Does ‘Supply Chain’ really mean? And if I’m good at logistics, can I relaunch in that field? with Lisa Fenton

Lisa Fenton, Professional Supply Chain Manager at Rapala/VMC (Canada) gives our audience a firsthand look at the Supply Chain field. From procurement and operations to logistics and transportation all the way to trade, consulting and senior management, Lisa discusses opportunities for relaunchers to enter and advance in supply chain careers.

Episode 100: 3, 2, 1, iRelaunch’s 100th Episode: Building Back Your Confidence, with Claire Shipman

Today "3, 2, 1, iRelaunch" reaches a milestone! This is our 100th episode and we are delighted to showcase Carol’s conversation with Claire Shipman, Co-Author, with Katty Kay, of “Womenomics," “The Confidence Code” and “The Confidence Code for Girls," and former national news correspondent for ABC, NBC and CNN. Claire…

Episode 85: Time Management and Relaunching with Laura Vanderkam

Time management expert Laura Vanderkam talks with Carol about recommendations for managing your time when relaunching. They specifically discuss Laura’s popular book “168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think” and her new novel: “Juliet’s School of Possibilities” in which Juliet learns that time is a choice and to…