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ARA (Attract, Retain, Advance)

ARA aspires to Attract, Retain, and Advance women in technology through events/programming. We help businesses bolster the number and the influence of women working and advancing in technology roles while helping women navigate IT career paths and challenges.

What does ARA do?

ARA helps businesses bolster the numbers and the influence of women working and advancing in technology roles, while helping women navigate IT career paths and challenges.

Sharing perspectives

ARA shares interviews, tips to advancement, professional experience and so much more with media, professional communities, and individuals. Visit their "Perspectives" page here.

Power of your story
Empowering others by retelling your story

The Power of Your Story

Inspiring women share their journeys of challenge and triumph, from being their own career champion and overcoming adversity to finding their own voice and confidence to growing their network and personal brand, these leaders shared real-world stories about getting promoted, being heard and getting noticed in a recent ARA event

Meet the ARA Storytellers

Lama Abu-Amara

Lama Abu-Amara

Manager, Cybersecurity Practice – IT Risk Advisory at CFGI, shared her story as a 17-year-old Jordanian student who overcame the challenges of being alone in a new country, a lone female in an engineering school, who built a family, a career and a full life here in America. Her advice is to keep these three things in mind: change is just a phase, discomfort equals growth, and aspiration leads to inspiration.
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Camille Tate

Camille Tate

Head of Talent at Strava, offers this caution: Don’t assume quiet people have no power, nor that loud people automatically do. It’s not the volume, but the meaning and the action behind your voice that gives it power. Her story was about finding her voice and learning how to speak up on her own behalf. Her advice: To empower your story, surround yourself with people who cheer you on and support you.
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Jessica Zweig

Jessica Zweig

Founder & CEO of the SimplyBe Agency, wants us to know that our best stories are authentic ones. Be honest and transparent when you tell your story. Let your outside story match your inside story, and remember that even the most successful among us didn’t start out that way. No one has had a straight line to success. Don’t be afraid to share what went wrong as well as what you learned.
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