80+ Paid Corporate Re-entry Internship Programs Around the World

At iRelaunch, we have been tracking career re-entry programs of all kinds since 2008. In 2012, we published a report on the growing use of of internships or internship-like experiences as an effective vehicle for professionals to return to work after time away.  We described the phenomenon as "quietly emerging" at the time. Not anymore. We have seen a huge uptick in the number of corporate re-entry internship programs created since 2012 and are expecting this growth to continue. Global hubs of re-entry internship program activity center in the U.S., U.K. and India. Shoutout to Women Returners for their work in the UK career re-entry space and their list of UK programs which is a helpful resource for us in compiling this list. Artwork credit goes to Harvard Business Review, as it accompanied iRelaunch Chair and Co-founder Carol Fishman Cohen's seminal HBR article "The 40-Year-Old Intern"  was the first to recognize the emergence of internships and internship-like experiences and to predict the proliferation of formal corporate reentry internship programs. 

At this point, we thought it would be helpful to the iRelaunch community to see all the corporate re-entry internship programs on one simple list, including links to program information wherever possible. The list is below. Remember this is a list of active corporate paid re-entry internship programs. Some companies that may be testing the concept with 1 or 2 returning interns, or that have not set up a landing page to formalize the program, may not be included right away. Also if a company is listed more than once with different program names, that means they have separate programs running in different geographic areas, as opposed to a single program with cohorts in different locations. 

We would like to crowdsource the updating of the list!  If you are aware of a program that is missing from the list, one that has become inactive, or have any other edits, please email us at info@irelaunch.com. Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE: Some programs say "positions are unavailable." This is because programs usually only run once a year and applications are only open during a designated period. If "positions are unavailable," this means applications are not open at this time. To be notified of open application periods, make sure you register for our mailing list


Special Note: This list features companies that run their own recurring programs, and not centrally-administered initiatives such as that of our close partner the OnRamp Fellowship for relaunching lawyers.

  1. Accenture Break Through (UK)
  2. Allegheny Health RetuRN To Practice Program (DE) Note this is a Direct Hire Program
  3. Amazon Web Services Returner's Programme (UK)
  4. American Express Financial Professional Re-Entry Program (NY)
  5. Balfour Beatty Returners Programme (UK) 
  6. Bank of England Career Returner Programme (UK)
  7. Barclays Encore (NY, London)
  8. Baringa Returners Programme (London)
  9. Boeing Return Flight Program (WA, OK, MO)
  10. Booz Allen Hamilton Return to Work (D.C., CO)
  11. BNP Paribas Returnship Programme (Hong Kong)
  12. Capgemini Return @ Capgemini (UK)
  13. Caterpillar Returning Professionals Development Program (IL)
  14. CBS Returnship Pilot Program (CA)
  15. Credit Suisse Real Returns (NY, London, Zurich, Pune, Mumbai)
  16. Cummins RePower (IN, MN)
  17. Dell Career Restart (US) Note this is a Direct Hire Program
  18. Deloitte Encore (MA, D.C. NY) 
  19. Deloitte Return to Work (UK, Australia)
  20. Dow Jones Returnship (NJ)
  21. Eaton ReLaunch (India)
  22. EY Reconnect (UK) 
  23. FDM Getting Back to Business (UK)
  24. Fidelity RESUME Program (CA, NY, NJ, TX, India)
  25. Fitch Ratings CreditPath (NY)
  26. Ford Re-Entry Program (MI)
  27. GE Return to Career Program (Egypt, Turkey)
  28. GE Restart (India)
  29. General Motors Take 2 (MI, TX, GA, CA, AZ) 
  30. Genpact Career 2.0 (India)
  31. Godrej Careers 2.0 (Mumbai)
  32. Goldman Sachs Returnship® (NY, NJ, Salt Lake City, Bangalore, Hong Kong) 
  33. Golin Back2Businessship (UK) 
  34. GTB Elevate (MI)
  35. Hindustan Unilever Limited Career by Choice (India)
  36. HSBC Take Two (Bangalore)
  37. Intuit Intuit Again (India)
  38. IBM Tech Re-entry (US, Canada, Pune, Bangalore)  
  39. Johnson Controls Next Chapter (US)
  40. Johnson & Johnson Re-Ignite (OH)
  41. J.P. Morgan ReEntry (NY, London) 
  42. KPMG Return to Work Programme (UK) 
  43. LinkedIn Reach (CA)
  44. Lloyds Banking Group Returners Programme (UK) 
  45. Macquarie Returner Programme (UK)
  46. Macquarie Returner Program (NY, PA) 
  47. M & G Career Returners Programme (London)
  48. Mastercard Relaunch your Career (NY, FL, UK, Dubai, Johannesburg, Singapore)  
  49. Medtronic Careers 2.0 (CA, MN, AZ) 
  50. MetLife Act2 (NY, NJ, NC)
  51. Microsoft LEAP Engineering Acceleration Program (WA)
  52. Moody's RE-IGNITE (NY)
  53. Morgan Sindall Returnship Programme (UK)
  54. Morgan Stanley Return to Work (NY, London, Hong Kong, Budapest, Mumbai, Bangalore) 
  55. Network Rail Returner Programme (UK)
  56. Nigel Frank/Microsoft Consultants Returnship Programme (UK)
  57. Northrop Grumman iReturn (IL, AL)
  58. Oracle Software Developer Internship (UK)
  59. PayPal ReCharge (India, Israel, CA, MD, TX, NE, IL) 
  60. PepsiCo Ready to Return (NY, UK)
  61. PwC Back to Business (UK) 
  62. PwC Back2Work (Malaysia)
  63. Raytheon Return Program (CO)
  64. RBS Comeback Programme (UK) 
  65. Return Path Return to Work (was ReturnShip) (CO, NY, UK) 
  66. Santander Returnships (UK)
  67. SAP Back-to-Work (Australia, Japan, Korea)
  68. SapientNitro Career Returns (UK)
  69. Schneider Electric Return2Work (TX, TN)
  70. Shell Return to Work Programme (UK)
  71. Skanska Return-to-Work Programme (UK)
  72. Starbucks Returning Mothers Barista Hiring Program (Korea)
  73. Target Back on Target (India)
  74. Tata Group Second Career Internship (India) 
  75. Texas Instruments Encore (TX, AZ)
  76. ThinkData Works Returnship (Canada)
  77. Tideway Returner Programme (UK) 
  78. UBS Career Comeback (NY, Zurich) 
  79. United Technologies RE-Empower (AZ, CA, CT, MN, VT)
  80. Virgin Megastore Returnship Programme (Middle East)
  81. Virgin Money ReCareer Programme (UK)
  82. Visa Ready to Return Program (US)
  83. Vodafone ReConnect (UK)
  84. Young & Rubicam PowerOn (NY)
  85. Willmott Dixon Welcome Back Programme (UK)


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