Paid Corporate Return to Work Programs Around the World

As part of our work with employers interested in engaging with relaunchers, we compile and maintain this list of opportunities for paid corporate programs with direct links to the employers’ program pages. Program dates vary and sites may show “no positions available” if the application period has ended. Check back later or contact the employer directly to see when they will be accepting applications for their next cohort. 

Also be sure to check the iRelaunch Job Board for open opportunities for relaunchers at these and other companies.

Help us keep the list current and accurate! Please contact us at to let us know about additions or corrections to the list. If you are an employer, click here for expert advice on starting, refining or sourcing a re-entry internship program.


  1. Accenture BreakThrough Returners Program (London)

  2. Accenture ReSUME Returners Programme (Ireland)

  3. Accenture Technology Return to Work Program (Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio)

  4. Allegheny Health Network RetuRN To Practice Program (New York, Pennsylvania)

  5. Amazon Returnship Program (Czech Republic, California, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington)

  6. American Express Financial Professional Re-Entry Program (New York)

  7. Audible Next Chapter Returnship Program (Massachusetts, New Jersey)

  8. Ayco -- A Goldman Sachs Company Return to Work Program (Illinois, New York)

  9. Bandwidth Returnship Program (Colorado, North Carolina, Texas)

  10. Bank of America Returning Talent (Ireland, United Kingdom)

  11. Barclays Encore (England, Mumbai, Ireland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York)

  12. Baringa Returners Programme (London)

  13. Bloomberg Women's Returner Circle (United Kingdom, New Jersey, New York)

  14. Boeing Return Flight Program (Missouri, Oklahoma, Washington)

  15. Brown Brothers Harriman Restart@BBH (Dublin, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York)

  16. Capgemini Relaunch@Capgemini Programme (England)

  17. Caterpillar Returning Professionals Development Program (Illinois)

  18. CDM Smith Reboot Re-Entry Program (California, Colorado, Michigan, North Carolina, Texas)

  19. Chevron Welcome Back (California, Missouri, Texas)

  20. Cognizant Returnship Program (Remote: India, North America)

  21. Credit Suisse Real Returns (London, France, Mumbai, Pune, Spain, Switzerland, New York, North Carolina)

  22. Cummins RePower Return-to-Work Program (Indiana, Minnesota)

  23. Dell Career ReStart (United States)

  24. Deloitte Encore Program (California, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia)

  25. Deloitte Return to Work Program (Melbourne, Sydney)

  26. Deloitte Return to Work Programme U.K. (United Kingdom)

  27. Dow Jones Returnship (New Jersey)

  28. Eaton ReLaunch (India)

  29. EY Reconnect Programme (England)

  30. Facebook Return to Work Program (Ireland, California, Georgia, Massachusetts, Texas, Washington)

  31. Fitch Ratings CreditPath (London, Germany, Spain, Illinois, New York)

  32. Ford Re-Entry Program (California, Florida, Michigan)

  33. Genpact Career 2.0 (India)

  34. GM Take 2 (Canada, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Texas)

  35. Godrej Careers 2.0 (Mumbai, Pune, Vikhroli)

  36. Goldman Sachs Returnship (Hong Kong, Bangalore, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Utah)

  37. Grubhub Reconnect Returnship Program (Virtual)

  38. GTB Elevate (Michigan)

  39. Guidehouse (Formerly Navigant) Professional Re-Entry Program (Illinois)

  40. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Career Reboot (India, United States)

  41. Honeywell Reshape Your Future (Arizona, Illinois, South Carolina)

  42. HubSpot Returners Program (Ireland, Massachusetts)

  43. IBM Tech Re-Entry Program (Brazil, Canada, China, India, California, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Texas)

  44. Intuit Intuit Again (India, California)

  45. Johnson & Johnson Re-Ignite (India, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, New Jersey, Ohio)

  46. JP Morgan Chase ReEntry Program (Argentina, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Singapore, United Kingdom, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas)

  47. KPMG Return to Work (Birmingham, London, Manchester)

  48. LexisNexis Encore (Remote, North Carolina, Ohio)

  49. LinkedIn REACH (California)

  50. Lockheed Martin Chapter Next (Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington, D.C.)

  51. M&G Career Returners (United Kingdom)

  52. Macquarie Returner Program (Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas)

  53. Macquarie Returner Programme (United Kingdom)

  54. Mastercard Relaunch your Career (Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Toronto, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, Dubai, Germany, Hungary, India, Mexico, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Missouri, New York, Virginia)

  55. Medtronic Careers 2.0 (Arizona, California, Colorado, Minnesota)

  56. MetLife ACT 2 (North Carolina)

  57. Microsoft LEAP Engineering Acceleration Program (Washington)

  58. Microsoft Springboard (India)

  59. Moody's RE-IGNITE Program (New York)

  60. Morgan Sindall Returnship (United Kingdom)

  61. Morgan Stanley Return to Work (Hong Kong, London, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Glasgow, Maryland, New York)

  62. Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Return to Work Program (California, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Texas, Washington)

  63. Natixis CIB Americas Debut 2.0 (New York)

  64. Natwest Markets Comeback Programme (London)

  65. NBC Universal Act Two Returnship (California, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York)

  66. Network Rail Property Returner Programme (London)

  67. Nigel Frank International Diversity in Dynamics - Microsoft-supported return-to-work initiative (England)

  68. Northrop Grumman iReturn Program (Alabama, California, Illinois, Maryland)

  69. Oracle Career Relaunch (United States)

  70. P&G Relaunch Program (Ohio)

  71. PayPal "Recharge" (India, California, Illinois, Maryland, Nebraska, Texas)

  72. PepsiCo Ready to Return (United Kingdom, United States)

  73. PWC Back to Work Programme (Malaysia)

  74. Qualcomm Qualcomm Returnship Program (California)

  75. Raytheon Technologies Re-Empower Program (Arizona, Massachusetts)

  76. RBC Capital Markets RLaunch Program (Toronto, New York)

  77. Santander Returnship Program (Massachusetts)

  78. SAP Back-to-Work (Australia, India, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore)

  79. Schneider Electric Return2Work (Tennessee, Texas)

  80. Shell Return to Work Programme (London, Waterloo)

  81. Skanska Return to Work Programme (UK) (Cambridgeshire, London)

  82. Societe Generale Career Arc (New York)

  83. Target Back on Target (India)

  84. Tata Group Second Careers. Inspiring Possibilities. (SCIP) (India)

  85. TD Bank Career Relaunch Program (Florida, New Jersey, New York, Virginia)

  86. Texas Instruments Encore (Arizona, Texas)

  87. The Aerospace Corporation Re-Entry (Remote)

  88. The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) Re-Emerge: Return to Work Program (Non-Technical) (New Jersey)

  89. The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) Re-Emerge: Return to Work Program (Technical) (New Jersey)

  90. ThinkData Works Returnship (Toronto)

  91. Tideway Returner Programme (England)

  92. Trane Technologies Engineering Relaunch (Minnesota, North Carolina)

  93. UBS Career Comeback (India, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Connecticut, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee)

  94. Unilever Career By Choice (Pakistan)

  95. Vanguard Return to Work Program (Arizona, North Carolina, Pennsylvania)

  96. Visa Ready to Return Program (California)

  97. Vodafone ReConnect (Czech Republic, London, Newbury, Germany, Greece, Ireland)

  98. Walmart Walmart Labs Return to Work (Arkansas, California, New Jersey, Virginia)

  99. Wells Fargo Glide - Relaunch (Arizona, California, Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Wisconsin)

  100. Willmott Dixon Welcome Back Programme (London, Wales)

  101. Workday Opportunity OnRamps (California)

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