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Relauncher of the Month

November 2023

Preceding my 20-year career break, I navigated diverse roles in accounting, followed by a stint in Equity Research across multiple firms. While engaging part-time with a family business, I immersed myself in community roles, reigniting my passion for a return to the workforce. My last full-time position was as a Supervisory Analyst in Equity Research at FleetBoston Robertson Stephens.

Before discovering iRelaunch, I faced obstacles reentering finance due to expired licenses. Despite confidence in my ability to re-qualify swiftly, I couldn't secure that pivotal opportunity. iRelaunch changed the game. Their programs, backed by top financial institutions, offered the break I needed. Multiple offers followed my application, leading to a perfect fit. Ultimately, I returned to the industry through the jRETURNS program at Jefferies; I was offered a permanent position at the same level when I had left the industry.

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Career reentry programs view your time away as an asset, valuing the skills and experiences gained beyond traditional work. Employers like Jefferies prioritize diverse perspectives, investing wholeheartedly in your success. With built-in cohorts, these programs provide immediate resources, support, and structured guidance from day one, setting you up for success.

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We caught up with Laura to dive a little deeper into her relaunch story and the advice she has for other relaunchers...

Why did you look to Jefferies and iRelaunch to support you in your career journey in 2022? Did anything in particular stand out to you about Jefferies?

  • During interviews, I conveyed my skills and passions, securing management's backing for my reentry into Equity Research. The authenticity and appreciation for my experiences stood out in every interaction.
  • Opting for the jRETURNS program, the 12-week duration seemed apt for a fit assessment and relicensing.
  • Structured orientation, diverse training, and active encouragement to network were pivotal.
  • The unwavering support, feedback, and guidance from my manager, team, mentors, and program coordinators defined my immensely positive relaunch journey

    What is the best piece of advice for relaunchers? Do you feel that relaunchers should explore which job functions they are most interested in as part of their relaunch journey?

    • The podcasts and success stories on iRelaunch are inspirational and a good reminder to be open to the process and approach relaunching as an adventure. 
    • It might lead you down a path you weren’t considering. 
    • Every firm has a unique program so be prepared to ask questions and find what works for you. 
    • Embracing the challenges and being able to articulate how your experiences and skills can add value to a potential employer can help make the journey successful.

      The jRETURNS program stands out for its direct access to top leaders within Jefferies. Experiencing the company's flat, entrepreneurial culture was invaluable—we even had lunch with the CEO, a testament to Jefferies' commitment to hands-on engagement.

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