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Edel's Success Story

October 2023

Edel Freitas relaunched as a STS Specialist at Organon, Portugal after a six year career break. She received a very warm welcome from a bilingual team and found a place where she felt that she could be her authentic self. Her business education, her work at the Venture Development Center at UMass Boston and her transferable skills from her career break were instrumental in her relaunch.

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Oct Edel Freitas

How was it like returning to work through the Organon career reentry program?

  • I was looking for a flexible, supportive, international, and bilingual work environment and Organon checked all the boxes. Organon also has a mission for women's heath that was a huge plus.
  • Business was my field of education and I have had dual interests- being a business person and having a creative side which worked in my favor during the interviews. My manager was very supportive of my art and valued my transferrable skills
  • The interview process felt very natural and non-intimidating. The experience was good, and it's important for people returning to the workforce to feel comfortable during interviews as they are also evaluating the company

The mentoring sessions with iRelaunch and the initial days back in a corporate setting provided valuable insights and "aha" moments. These moments included understanding the transition into work, balancing family life, adapting to a new schedule, and navigating different personalities. My mentor, Elizabeth Gish, was particularly helpful when I faced a challenge, providing concise and experienced suggestions, which made a lot of sense given her own journey as a relauncher.

Hear Edel talking about being specific during job search and how it is essential to define what you want in a job.

I'm grateful for my preconceptions about the job, for while some aligned with reality, it's been a chance to awaken my dormant analytical skills. Challenges can indeed be fun. I see potential for process improvement here, a path I may explore, as enhancing processes is what truly excites me. 🌟💼🚀

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Hear Edel underscoring the importance of recognizing one's talents and the value they may hold, even if others see more in them than we do.

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