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Join The Acceleration Project to Boost Your Relaunch

You’ve worked. Volunteered. Advocated for causes that you care about. You’re multi-talented and have amazing skills. So why is it so challenging to kick start the next stage of your career?

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By Andi Meyer

Andi Meyer is the Director of Communications at The Acceleration Project.

There are so many ways to approach this challenge and land a job that makes you happy. Strategic volunteering is one of many proven tactics.

Organizations like The Acceleration Project (TAP) offer volunteer opportunities to work as a consultant for small businesses. Working for TAP enables you to build your resume with real work experience, so that when you’re looking for a job, you can talk about the work you’re actually doing right now. You’ll network, expand your skill set, and meet new colleagues and contacts. You’ll move your job search forward, all while making a meaningful impact on local communities.

So why TAP?

TAP consultants help underserved small businesses

TAP volunteers are business consultants for under-resourced small businesses across the country. In all, TAP has worked with more than 100,000 small business owners. Ninety percent are women, and 75% are entrepreneurs of color.

The small businesses are in a wide range of industries. Most common are food, restaurants, retail, health and beauty, technology, and services. This video will give you an idea of the types of clients we work with.

The businesses you’ll help as a TAP consultant see a big difference.

  • 54% have increased sales.

  • 94% of business owners feel better equipped to manage their business.

  • 78% of businesses grew or maintained their number of employees.

Training for TAP consultants

So who are the TAP consultants? You’ll join a group that is skilled in a range of fields, including finance, operations, accounting, marketing and public relations. TAP rigorously interviews, vets and trains all consultants. Today, a network of roughly 180 consultants operates as TAP’s remote workforce. Watch this video to see what TAP consultants enjoy about the role.

TAP trains all consultants

TAP offers its pro-bono consultants in-depth skills training. There is coaching, project support, networking events, case study sessions, and workshops that cover both hard and soft skills. For example, consultants can attend programs like Public Speaking, Negotiation 101; Digital Marketing; and Financial Statements 101.

Consultants commit to volunteering 50 hours per year, and sign up for projects that match their interests and expertise. You can pick and choose from a wide variety of projects and scheduling is flexible.

Once you’re assigned to a project, you’ll find a collaborative work environment and support system. Consultants work in teams, share ideas, and provide each other with resources to deliver exceptional service to the small businesses. At each step of the way, you’ll have a supervisor who will guide you in your work.

What’s more, TAP intentionally works to create a diverse community of consultants. Our consultants speak multiple languages, and some even work with clients in their native language, especially Spanish.

TAP’s Strong Leadership

TAP’s dedicated management team strives for excellence and has propelled the organization through substantial growth since its inception in 2012. The team is passionate about TAP’s mission and the quality of service provided to small business clients and partners.

As for your job search, accelerating your own path forward with volunteering is a strategic answer to challenges you might be facing. TAP recruits consultants year round, so visit our website to learn more. Let’s TAP your potential.

TAP is actively recruiting pro bono consultants to help it execute its mission to support small business owners. Apply now - you can make a difference!

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