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Stretching Your Negotiation Muscles for Pay and Benefits

Reentering the work world has you dusting off many talents you have not used in awhile. Happily, negotiating is not one of them. Everyone negotiates. You just might not call it that. Times that most of us can relate to negotiating are family gatherings, be it Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, birthdays, or just an extended family dinner. Whether single, married, parent, grandparent, or child free these events highlight the many small negotiations we all do to get through daily life. Family brings those negotiations up to level eleven.
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How Important is Social Media in Relaunching?

How relevant is social media for relaunchers in the job search process? The answer is very. Used correctly, social media provides invaluable opportunities for relaunchers to make connections, achieve visibility and understand what employers in their targeted industries are thinking about. Though there can be some dangerous pitfalls in using social media, a healthy dose of good judgment and professionalism can aid in avoiding the kinds of mistakes that negatively impact one’s job candidacy.
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Actually… Mid-Career Internships are Working Beautifully

Fast Company just released this article noting Goldman's Returnship® program didn't hire any of its 2016 participants. An interesting observation, except that it’s wrong. Once again, Goldman is hiring roughly half of its Returnship® class, and the numbers we are seeing from our direct involvement with return-to-work internships indicates just the opposite of what the article suggests. More and more companies are offering returning professional internship programs…because they work.

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Honoring Return-to-Work Dads

One of our missions at iRelaunch is to trumpet success stories - to give so many examples of people returning to work after a career break that it becomes viewed as a normal and unremarkable career path. With over 200 success stories on our website and hundreds more identified, we are well on our way. Yet one group is conspicuously absent – men.  Only four of our stories document men returning to work.

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I have sent my resume to so many places. Why haven’t I heard from anyone?

We all know that a thorough job search process takes a good deal of time, attention and emotional energy. These are valuable resources you’ll want to invest wisely. Once you realize an approach is not working, rather than become discouraged, I suggest you treat the moment as both a wake up call and a great opportunity. Now is the ideal time to re-examine your job search strategy and look for improvements!

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Our First Facebook Live Session

We're very excited to have used the new Facebook Live (one of the first!) to reach our worldwide community and share return-to-work tips and answer your questions. On our first session we discussed career assessments, how to talk about the gap on your resume, how to stay updated for your relaunch, returning professional internship programs, boosting your confidence, and so much more.

Be sure to join us for our next Facebook Live Session, "How Do I Start My Relaunch?"


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The Value-driven Resume

Candidates often ask me how to format their resume or what buzzwords to add so their resume leads to an interview. Although it is important to have an attractive, easy-to-read resume, you need much more than that. Buzzwords are not enough and some so-called “buzzwords” are actually clichés that tarnish your brand. The most effective way to earn an invitation is to create a value-driven resume. Let’s break down the value-driven resume.

Why Focus on Values

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How Can I Build Up My Confidence? I Am Out of Practice.

One of the key ingredients to your relaunch is building your confidence to get out the door and head back to work!   Perhaps you know which path you want to pursue, you are comfortable with your resume and LinkedIn profile, and have a list of people to contact.  But, you are having a tough time pressing the “Go” button.  This is when you want your confidence to kick in! If you find that it doesn’t happen overnight, you are not alone. Confidence sometimes needs a nudge, and there is no better time to start nudging than right now.

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