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6 Key Relaunching Tips for the New Year

It's 2017! Maybe you are considering taking a career break. Or perhaps you are on career break and this is your time to return to work. Follow these great tips to be best positioned for returning to work after your career break, or to start the relaunching process with a giant leap forward.


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How should I deal with "relaunch resistance" from my family?

“What does this mean for me?”

As your first day back at work approaches, you will probably begin to hear family members’ concerns about the impending changes at home. The time you have spent away from work running a household and/or acting as the go-to parent has likely been very helpful and convenient to those around you. While they are excited for you and the increased family income, they are likely wondering what this means for them. 

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This is YOUR Relaunch!

“Welcome everyone! We are going to start now and I can’t wait for us to experience this incredible day!  This day is about learning the best return to work strategies, having conversations with employers who understand the value that we, relaunchers bring to the table and what a great talent pool we are, and it’s really about the future of relaunching.

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Honoring Brenda Barnes with our First iRelaunch Pioneering Relauncher Award

This year we were thrilled to honor one of our heroes, Brenda Barnes, the former CEO of PepsiCo North America, who famously left that role to spend more time with her family in 1997. It was front page news of the major newspapers. She made the news again when seven years later, she returned to work as COO, and then CEO, of Sara Lee Corporation. Brenda Barnes led a major restructuring of Sara Lee and also started [email protected], one of the first corporate reentry internship programs, in 2008. In 2010, Brenda suffered a stroke which forced her into permanent retirement.

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How long should it take to find a job?

Relaunchers often ask me this question, hoping for a simple response.  But there is no universal answer. It depends. There are various external factors influencing the process, such as the supply and demand of the job market, the seasonality of hiring, and the duration of the hiring process itself, but ultimately the length of your pursuit depends mostly on you. The control you have over your marketability and job search is much greater than you may realize; there is a clear correlation between a targeted and disciplined effort and the speed with which you land a job.

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Stretching Your Negotiation Muscles for Pay and Benefits

Reentering the work world has you dusting off many talents you have not used in awhile. Happily, negotiating is not one of them. Everyone negotiates. You just might not call it that. Times that most of us can relate to negotiating are family gatherings, be it Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, birthdays, or just an extended family dinner. Whether single, married, parent, grandparent, or child free these events highlight the many small negotiations we all do to get through daily life. Family brings those negotiations up to level eleven.
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How Important is Social Media in Relaunching?

How relevant is social media for relaunchers in the job search process? The answer is very. Used correctly, social media provides invaluable opportunities for relaunchers to make connections, achieve visibility and understand what employers in their targeted industries are thinking about. Though there can be some dangerous pitfalls in using social media, a healthy dose of good judgment and professionalism can aid in avoiding the kinds of mistakes that negatively impact one’s job candidacy.
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