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Relaunching is all over the News!

This has been an unprecedented period for media coverage of relaunching, and iRelaunch has been privileged to participate in much of it. Here are links to recent articles and videos:
The New York Times
HuffPost Live
Austin American-Statesman

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Four iRelaunch Top Video Tips Featured in New York Times Return to Work Q & A

by Carol Fishman Cohen

Last week, iRelaunch was highlighted in a series of New YorkTimes articles about relaunching careers by veteran reporter Jennifer Preston and Motherlode lead writer and editor KJ Dell'Antonia. In the final piece released last Friday, Vivian and I answer reader's questions.  We cover everything from Ageism, to Special Advice for At-home Dads, to Career Transitioning, and much more.  In addition to a multitude of recommended resources, the New York Times included four of our video tips which we share below.  Click here to access the entire New York Times coverage, and click on the video picture to view the brief videos which get right to the point and are all under one minute.  Access our full video library here.

Carol Fishman Cohen on reaching out to people who were junior to you

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Carol Fishman Cohen's "The '40-Year-Old Intern' Goes to Wall Street" now on HBR

In the past six months, five new big-employer returning professional internship programs have been introduced: J.P. Morgan's ReEntry Program, Morgan Stanley's Return to Work program, Credit Suisse's Real Returns, the OnRamp Fellowship for returning lawyers, and MetLife's just-announced re-entry internship program beginning this spring. Why now? Read Carol Fishman Cohen's Harvard Business Review blog post, "The '40-Year-Old Intern' Goes to Wall Street" to find out.

To view the iRelaunch list of Career Re-entry Programs Worldwide, please click here.

Photo credit: Harvard Business Review

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Guest Blog: "The Social Security Secret No One Tells Women Who Don't Work"

by Guest Blogger Kathryn Sollmann

Guest blogger Kathryn Sollmann discusses some little-known and powerful points about returning to work long enough to collect social security.

Here's an excerpt: "Too often, though, women—and particularly their husbands—focus only on green dollars, concluding it’s not 'worth it' for them to return to work: 'By the time your relatively small back-to-work income is taxed in my (larger) tax bracket and we add in child care, household help, commuting costs and more, it just won’t be worth it to return to work and turn our household upside down.'

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The 52 Weeks: Two Women and Their Quest to Get Unstuck, with Stories and Ideas to Jumpstart Your Year of Discovery

by Vivian Rabin

Two weeks ago, I passed an art gallery on the way to a lunch date and, realizing I had some time to spare, I actually retraced my steps, entered the gallery, and browsed the collection.  Although the whole experience lasted only 15 minutes, it somehow made me feel like I could incorporate more “special time” into my life, and that feeling has remained with me ever since. 

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You're Overqualified!

by Carol Fishman Cohen

One of the most common situations in which relaunchers find themselves is having a hiring manager tell them they are overqualified for a particular position. 

What employers sometimes do not realize is that relaunchers may intentionally target a particular position, even though it may be junior to their pre-career-break position, or junior to where the returning professional might be if she or he had stayed in the workplace. It is important to stress to the employer that this seniority level was targeted for a reason.

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36 Ways to Stay Professionally Connected

by Carol Fishman Cohen

This blog post from our archives remains just as relevant today! Take a look at the way Sandra Day O'Connor stayed connected while on career break, followed by a list of ways to stay connected in a range of fields!

The highlight of our research for our career reentry strategy book Back on the Career Track: A Guide for Stay-at-Home Moms Who Want to Return to Work was interviewing Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor about her five years as a stay-at-home mom (she was still on the court when we met with her).  read more - search blog archives

The 16th iRelaunch Return to Work Conference Breaks Attendance Records!

On October 2nd, iRelaunch held the 16th iRelaunch Return to Work Conference at the NYU/Stern Kimmel Center.  With more than 430 attendees and a first-time-ever Simulcast, the 16th iRelaunch Return to Work Conference was our largest yet.
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