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"How can I deal with rejection better?"

Rejection can sting, especially when you haven't experienced it in a while. In fact, without a rejection strategy, you could find yourself derailing - just as you are finally executing on your career search. The great news is that learning to deal with rejection is like building a muscle that hasn't been flexed in a while. With a plan and practice, your rejection 'muscle' will strengthen and you will be able to forge ahead, regardless of what is thrown your way. 
To get ahead of rejection, here is a strategy to have in place:

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Shonda Rhimes found inspiration from her relauncher mother

People often ask Shonda Rhimes, creator, head writer, and executive producer of ABC's Grey's Anatomy and Scandal, executive producer of How to Get Away with Murder, and mother of three girls, how she manages to raise her children and be at the forefront of three of television's hottest series. In a recent interview on NPR's Fresh Air, Rhimes revealed that her inspiration comes her mother, who relaunched after raising Rhimes and her five siblings:

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The one thing you should do to achieve your resolution to relaunch in 2016

This is your year! You've decided that in 2016, you're going to restart your career, either in an industry where you've previously worked or in a new one. You're raring to go! To make your relaunch happen this year, what is the first, most important thing that you should do now? Revise your dusty, old resume? No.  Arrange as many informational interviews as possible in your targeted industry? No. Find a volunteer position that allows a prospective employer to test drive your work and gives you current experience and contacts? No.

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Wall Street Reentry Internship Programs

2015 marked a year of expansion of the Wall Street reentry internship programs globally, domestically, and across business lines. Morgan Stanley's Return to Work program is now in New York, London, Mumbai and Hong  Kong. Goldman Sachs Returnship is in New York, Bangalore, Salt Lake City, Chicago and Dallas. Credit Suisse' Real Returns is running in New York, London and Zürich, and JP Morgan's ReEntry program has expanded from the original asset management cohort to legal, corporate investment banking and now the internal finance department. ReEntry is also piloting in London.

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“My mom works at Golden Snacks," over 600 attendees, and more from the 18th iRelaunch Return-to-Work Conference

“My Mom Works at Golden Snacks!”  Raeshma Patel may have had the quote of the day when she recounted how proud her 5-year-old son was of her relaunch at Goldman Sachs through their Returnship® program as part of the Reentry Internship Panel at the 2015 iRelaunch Return to Work Conference. Morgan Stanley’s Chief Human Resources Officer Jeffrey Brodsky spoke movingly about contemplating a career break while dealing with health care issues among close family members.

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Relaunching Moms and Flying Nannies: There’s a Connection

In the news recently it seems that each week yet another company is publicizing improved benefits and innovative programs for expectant and new parents. Substantially longer maternity leaves have been announced at employers such as Accenture, Netflix, Microsoft and Facebook. Paternity leave is increasingly being offered or expanded in more organizations.

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Calling All Entrepreneurs

How incredible to see so many of you at the iRelaunch Return-to-Work Conference raising your hands when asked if you had thought about starting a business. As participants in and sponsors of the amazing conference in New York on October 1st, we were inspired to see so much enthusiasm and interest in entrepreneurship as a path to reentry. For so many relaunchers, running a business is a way of finding renewed career satisfaction while simultaneously meeting personal needs and goals.  “I need the flexibility” said one participant.

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