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"They did it and so can I!" - Angela Lee Returned to Work After Attending the iRelaunch RTW Conference

Guest Blog by Angela Lee

I always knew that I wanted to return to work. My initial plan to take a break from work for just a few years was derailed when the economy crashed in 2008. Right when I was ready to go back to work, nobody was hiring. Life threw me a few more curve balls and - long story short - I found myself staying home for eight years, not knowing how to restart my career.

Then I had coffee with someone I had volunteered with at our children's preschool. She was in a similar situation: she had had a successful career and stopped working to take care of her family. She told me that she planned to go to the iRelaunch Conference that fall and invited me to join her. I was tempted but I balked and decided I wasn't ready. The truth is that I was terrified. read more - search blog archives

Professor Schonbrun: Your Career Can Still Be Great

by Carol Fishman Cohen

Brown Assistant Professor of Psychiatry Yael Chatav Schonbrun's recent New York Times Opinionator piece "A Mother's Ambitions" revealed her disappointment and frustration about her stunted career prospects despite the joy she is experiencing as a mother. This was the result of a personal decision she made to allocate a higher percentage of time and mental energy to be with her children and a lower percentage to her academic career. She is afraid she has permanently derailed herself professionally.

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"I'm Officially a Relauncher, and Loving It!" Angela Parauda Returns to Work After Attending the iRelaunch RTW Conference

Guest Blog by Angela Parauda

I had been home for almost a decade raising my three children when I attended the iRelaunch Return to Work Conference in New York last year.  It was not only informative, but offered excellent motivation and inspiration. I continue to share with friends who have the same dream of returning to work, the iRelaunch Conference is worth attending!

As we all know, relaunching a career doesn't happen overnight. It was a process taking many months, including the exercise of creating a resume, reconnecting with former colleagues, learning the importance of Linkedin, etc. read more - search blog archives

The Secret Weapon for Tech Updating: YouTube

by Carol Fishman Cohen

For those of us who have been out of the workforce for a while, the tech update is one of the biggest challenges of career reentry. Employers expect us to arrive with a working knowledge of Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and basic office management software.  Online tech courses such as can be great resources, as can Community Education courses.  Even a well-placed ad in the local high school newsletter can produce a teenager eager for a part-time tech updating job using knowledge she's had since elementary school.  But the most powerful tech updating tool of all is YouTube. read more - search blog archives

I Returned to Work After Attending the iRelaunch Return to Work Conference

by Carrie Buchwald, Associate Vice President, Corporate Learning Solutions, Lake Forest Graduate School of Management

After a seven-year career break, I relaunched my career at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management and am now leading the corporate sales channel there. I attribute my successful relaunch directly to the iRelaunch Return to Work Conference.

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Carol Goes to the White House Summit on Working Families!

by Carol Fishman Cohen

I was fortunate to be invited to participate in the White House Summit on Working Families which took place Monday, June 23rd.  I documented the entire day in pictures and commentary. Highlights follow.

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Joining Non-Profit Boards as a Step Toward Career Reentry

From Vivian Steir Rabin: A few weeks ago, a mutual friend introduced me to Cynthia Remec, CEO of BoardAssist and a "guru" of nonprofit board placement.  We had a great conversation, and she shared with me that a lot of the nonprofits with which she works are looking for former professionals who are now at home who can give their Boards time, as well as money.  More importantly, she spoke very eloquently about all the ways Board service, not just volunteering, can help you land a paying job. Fortunately, she's written a great blog on this topic, which we encourage you to peruse.

Planning Your Next Career Move? Don’t Forget to Join a Nonprofit Board
by Cynthia Remec

As the Executive Director of BoardAssist, I receive a steady stream of inquiries and referrals from job coaches nearly every day. Why? Because it’s their job to help you find yours, and nonprofit board service gives you an edge.  What exactly are those benefits?

Board Membership Benefits
There are several advantages to joining a board, but one of the primary benefits becomes apparent the moment the selection process begins and well before a final decision is made.

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Moms Returning to Work in South Korea: The Evolution Since 2008

by Carol Fishman Cohen
May 2014

I just came back from my third speaking tour in Asia over the last six years.  During my first trip in 2008, I spoke in South Korea and Japan as a guest of the U.S. Embassy, to audiences including academics, the media, government officials, employer representatives and women on career break.  The "return to work conversation" was in a nascent stage. While there was a lot of interest in what was going on in the United States to help women return to work after time at home, there were no return to work programs and few examples of Japanese and Korean women returning to work after career breaks.

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