Relaunching Moms and Flying Nannies: There’s a Connection

In the news recently it seems that each week yet another company is publicizing improved benefits and innovative programs for expectant and new parents. Substantially longer maternity leaves have been announced at employers such as Accenture, Netflix, Microsoft and Facebook. Paternity leave is increasingly being offered or expanded in more organizations.

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“My mom works at Golden Snacks," over 600 attendees, and more from the 18th iRelaunch Return to Work Conference

“My Mom Works at Golden Snacks!”  Raeshma Patel may have had the quote of the day when she recounted how proud her 5-year-old son was of her relaunch at Goldman Sachs through their Returnship® program as part of the Reentry Internship Panel at the 2015 iRelaunch Return to Work Conference. Morgan Stanley’s Chief Human Resources Officer Jeffrey Brodsky spoke movingly about contemplating a career break while dealing with health care issues among close family members.

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Calling All Entrepreneurs

How incredible to see so many of you at the iRelaunch Return-to-Work Conference raising your hands when asked if you had thought about starting a business. As participants in and sponsors of the amazing conference in New York on October 1st, we were inspired to see so much enthusiasm and interest in entrepreneurship as a path to reentry. For so many relaunchers, running a business is a way of finding renewed career satisfaction while simultaneously meeting personal needs and goals.  “I need the flexibility” said one participant.

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How Volunteer Work helped me land my full-time job as a Title IX investigator for Harvard University

I am the kind of person who is not happy if I’m not busy. So during the 18 years that I did not work full-time—which I never regretted, even for a minute—I volunteered for many education-related initiatives and also did very very part-time paid consulting work leading workshops for new lawyers and writing abstracts of legal journal articles for a monthly digest.

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Engineer Relaunches after 12-year Career Break

During my 12-year professional break, I learned many things about roasting a chicken and many techniques for speed laundry sorting. I even spent some time optimizing routes between the elementary school, ballet class, the market and the little league diamond, but it never even crossed my mind to keep up with business technology. I graduated from Virginia Tech with a BSIE and then from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania with an MBA. I spent four years as a consulting manager at PRTM (PRTM is a consulting firm that specializes in operations consulting in tech and related sectors) before first becoming a contractor to the firm and then several years later, after the birth of my third child, leaving my professional life altogether to raise my family.

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Be Fearless When it Comes to Tech

I was technologically obsolete before I relaunched my career. So, I know for sure that it’s a temporary condition -- one every relauncher needs to get beyond. And can.

It’s natural to put off updating your tech skills. Many relaunchers I meet are afraid of technology. But, as with virtually every fear we face, getting started is the hardest step in the process.

Many options for coming up to speed

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10 Summer Career Reentry Must-Do’s To Hit the Ground Running Right after Labor Day!

Summer is the perfect time to put your relaunch plan in place. That’s the advice I give relaunchers considering pausing her or his career-reentry aspirations during July and August.

Set aside a regular time each  week to focus on your return to work strategy. Once the nice weather comes to an end, you’ll be glad you did.

Here are 10 steps to get ahead of the crowd of candidates vying for job openings in the fall:

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