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2024 Virtual Return to Work Conference, May 14-16


Relauncher of the Month

February 2024

Chelsea Sanders, a former corporate communications professional, was eager to rejoin the workforce after a 12-year hiatus dedicated to raising her children and managing a small business. However, navigating the job market post a lengthy break posed significant challenges. Finding solace and guidance, she joined Mocha Moms & iRelaunch, unlocking a trove of valuable resources, workshops, and targeted networking opportunities for returning mothers.

Since 2021, Chelsea actively participated in numerous events hosted by Mocha Moms, Inc. and iRelaunch. The insights shared by HR professionals, industry leaders, and like-minded moms in these online sessions proved to be priceless. Chelsea seamlessly incorporated the knowledge gleaned from these events into her resume, interviews, and even influenced the strategic shift in the types of positions she pursued.

Chelsea on how participation in the iRelaunch and Mocha Moms sessions contributed to her feeling more prepared and confident during the interview process, particularly regarding her career break.

We caught up with Chelsea to learn more about her relaunch story and the advice she has for other relaunchers...

Struggles & Self-Doubt:

  • Resume woes: I realized that highlighting my business ownership as "owner" might send the wrong message, potentially portraying myself as less coachable due to my independent past.

  • Application fatigue: Initially applying for roles below my skill level due to self-doubt.

  • Interview anxiety: Facing panel interviews for the first time after years away.

  • Fear of the "career break" stigma: Worried about how employers would perceive my gap in traditional work experience.

Finding Support & Empowerment:

  • Mocha Moms & iRelaunch: Joining these communities provided valuable resources, workshops, and networking opportunities specifically geared towards returning mothers.

  • Confidence boost: I learned to reframe my resume, highlight transferable skills, and embrace my unique strengths.

  • Shifting mindset: I realized I didn't need to start from scratch and could leverage my diverse experience for a new career path.

Landing the Right Fit:

  • Targeting the right industry: My passion for healthcare led me to Atrium Health, where I found a fulfilling role in the corporate patient access department.

  • Flexibility: The part-time position allows me to balance work with family commitments and volunteer activities.

  • Meaningful work: Although different from my previous role, the new position offered purpose and the ability to help others.

Advice for Returning Professionals:

  • Never give up: The journey may take longer, but your skills and experience are valuable.

  • Know your worth: Don't settle for anything less than what you deserve.

  • Utilize resources: Seek support from communities like Mocha Moms and iRelaunch.

  • Embrace your network: Lean on your support system and learn from others' success stories.

  • Choose wisely: Select a supportive company and a role that aligns with your values and goals.

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