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Career pivots and Relaunches with Producer, Director, Author and Speaker Wendy Sachs

Wendy Sachs is the definition of non linear. She has pivoted more times in her career than most. From feeling concerned about explaining her gaps and pivots to honing in on them while writing -Fearless and Free: How Smart Women Pivot and Relaunch their Careers- Wendy found a way to connect the dots.

Channeling storytelling as her super power led her to document thousands of women across the country who were inspired to run for office in what became a barrier-breaking, historic midterm election. Those stories became the feature documentary Surge that premiered on Showtime in September 2020 and was also released on Amazon.

Tune into this video interview with the trailblazing Wendy Sachs!

Meet Wendy Sachs

Wendy Sachs is a seasoned communications executive and creative storyteller. Wendy has spent more than two decades in media as a journalist, Capitol Hill Press secretary, Emmy Award-winning TV producer, Forbes columnist, author, film director, and digital editor in chief.

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I had this Eureka moment after one very bad interview went south. After I walked out of the building- I decided I need to write a book about what's going on here. And I need to lean into the tech culture where all of these guys go belly up with their startups. They don't hide under a rock afterwards, they get hired again. Why?

Because people are betting on their talent, not the idea of their business. So I need to lean more into me and what my story is and sell myself in a better way that's gonna make sense. And that was when it coalesced and I was able to say, I'm a storyteller. This is what I can do for you, and this is who I am.

Wendy Sachs Pictured at Left- our CEO and Co-founder Carol Fishman Cohen with Wendy's books
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Best piece of advice for the relauncher audience Ft. Wendy Sachs

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