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Reaching Senior Level Management after Relaunch: Keita Young's Exciting Career Path

From thinking she would apply to the library around the corner from her house to becoming FanDuel's first Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Keita Young's #relaunch story is unmissable!

Watch Keita talk about her journey after a 11 year career break, her experience of relaunching her legal career through JPMorgan Chase’s ReEntry Program and her road to senior level management.

Tune into this video interview with the formidable Keita Young!

Tune in!

In this video clip, listen in as Keita recounts her experience at the JPMC career reentry program. 

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I came with a different perspective. I wasn't the traditional Chief Diversity Officer that's gone from place to place. I was someone who was in diversity for two years and helped develop this as a strategy. And then I was in the legal department and I've done employment law. I've worked with leading the legal department strategy around outside council engagement.
And all of that together has made me right for what's happening right now at FanDuel which I think is exciting!

Keita Young
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Meet Keita Young

Keita Young is an attorney who is currently head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at FanDuel.  After practicing employment law earlier in her career,  Keita took an 11-year career break from the legal profession.  During that time she was an entrepreneur - owning a children’s specialty boutique and eventually relaunched her legal career through JPMorgan Chase’s  ReEntry Program. She was selected for the inaugural 2014 Legal ReEntry cohort and over the next 8 and 1/2 years, Keita rose in seniority in the legal department,  moved to Human Resources to program manage a global diversity strategy and eventually rejoined the legal department to serve as JPMC's Global Head of Outside Counsel Engagement.  

Keita left JPMC to become the first Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for FanDuel, the fast-growing sports-tech entertainment company.

I went back to work through the reentry program at JP Morgan Chase in root cause analysis. No idea. I didn't even know what that was. But my elevator pitch was- If you invest in me I know I can do the job. I've done it. I've done things before that I haven't had any knowledge in, because I've got skillsets.

I've got a drive that you'll see will produce results. I think also while interviewing at FanDuel, I was not Chief Diversity Officer. But I had so many things added to my plate and my brand and who I was that I said to myself- of course I can do this job.

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