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Episode 163: Relaunching in Scientific Research With an NIH Career Reentry Grant, with Anandi Krishnan

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Episode Description

From Stanford Medicine News Center: “Anandi Krishnan, PhD, was on the fast track to a promising academic research career. A research fellow at Duke University, she had earned a PhD in bioengineering from Penn State in less than four years and was the lead author of 11 scientific papers. But a complicated pregnancy, an illness in her family and time off to care for her newborn child led to a career break in 2011. While she feared that the extended leave might end her research career, she was awarded a National Institutes of Health career reentry grant in 2016 that enabled her to move from a staff position at Stanford back into research.”

In this episode, Anandi discusses the NIH Career Reentry grant, exactly what was involved in being awarded one, and how it enabled her to relaunch her career in scientific research and led to the important work she is doing today.

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