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Episode 142: How a Lawyer Turned Hedge Fund Manager Relaunched in Regulatory Compliance - Dorothy Dewitt

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Episode Description

Dorothy DeWitt, Director of the Division of Market Oversight at the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, grew up on a Texas farm and later graduated from University of Texas at Austin and Harvard Law School. She successfully relaunched her career in 2014 in a much more junior role than when she left before her career break and after a job search that was prolonged by the 2008 recession. Dorothy’s career soared after her relaunch. She is in the unique position of having practiced law in the public and private sectors, in-house corporate, and at a start-up, in addition to her years of experience as a hedge fund manager. She candidly discusses her career path leading to her current senior role and dispenses excellent advice for all relaunchers along the way.

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