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Maintaining Your Job Search Momentum Through the Holidays

Don’t let the frenzy of the season be an excuse to slow up and disconnect from your job search...

By Sara Dickison Taylor

Sara Dickison Taylor, ACC, is an iRelaunch recommended coach and President & Founder, Celebrate Life by Design, LLC. A member of the International Coaching Federation, Sara holds a Bachelor of Arts from Colby College and is also a graduate of the internationally recognized Coach University. As noted above, Sara studied her coaching craft with Dr. Martha Beck, renowned columnist for O Magazine and New York Times bestselling author.

As the office parties continue and vacation plans are anticipated, people often forget that companies are open during the holidays. Believe or not, it’s business as usual. Don’t let the frenzy of the season be an excuse to slow up and disconnect from your job search. Often job openings are within an annual hiring budget and need to be capitalized by year’s end. Or, hiring managers may be anticipating a potential role to kick off the start of the New Year. The week between December 25th and January 1st is a prime time to capitalize on reaching out to hiring managers and decision makers. The key is flexibility in your schedule and a willingness to hit the ground running when needed. This is a primer on how to keep up your momentum as you navigate the holiday season and your next amazing role.

1. Reconnect and Network

This time of year is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with old friends and colleagues; drop them a holiday note/email and share the magic of the season. Set an intention to spread the word about your job search. This is also an ideal chance to reach out to old bosses, colleagues, and former alumni connections – anyone who knows you and values your work. Holiday get-togethers are a natural place to practice your “elevator speech,” share the news of your career relaunch and put yourself out there. Share gratitude to those who have helped you along the way with a simple note or token gift. Think about hiring a career or transition coach to support your efforts and capitalize on your success.

2. Research, Research, Research

Use this time to dig into the history of different companies, read articles, periodicals – really put your research hat on and roll up your curiosity sleeves. It’s also important to carve out space to reconnect with YOU and what you love. What is your ideal job? Be especially careful to consider length of commute, industry, flexibility, growth opportunities, etc. Also, highlight what you don’t want to repeat in your next role. Gaining clarity from the past is an integral part of building the future. What will 2018 have in store for you? Future forecasting is vital to getting really clear and setting the stage for an amazing year to come.

3. Volunteer

Volunteering your time and energy is a wonderful way to anchor to a cause and connect with other like-minded people. You never know who you’re going to meet when you share your time at a local food pantry or assemble holiday gifts for a family in need. It’s easy to get mired in the belief that your career search will be at a standstill this month. By turning the light towards others, you gain more objectivity and truly appreciate where you are in this exact moment. The present is perfect and the world is your oyster. Jump into the holiday season with both feet and have fun! Now is the time to manifest the next opportunity of your dreams.

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