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The Double Relaunch: a special video interview with Corey and LaBrena Settles

What happens when spouses take overlapping career breaks and relaunch their careers? Tune into this video interview with Corey and LaBrena Settles to hear the details about their dual relaunch.

Corey and La Brena Settles

Meet the Settles

We speak with Corey and LaBrena Settles, both veterans who later relaunched their careers within a five year period; Corey after a 2 year career break for eldercare reasons and LaBrena after a 17-year career break focused primarily on childcare.

We discuss how Corey and LaBrena coordinated the timing of their relaunches, what kinds of conversations they had leading up to their double relaunch, how it actually played out in real time and the ways Corey and LaBrena supported each other before, during and after their career breaks. We will also hear about the family sabbatical they took in Costa Rica. Join us for this rare opportunity to hear from one couple about their two relaunches.

La Brena Settles Headshot

My community used to be my coworkers, And I didn't have that anymore. They were busy going on with their own lives. And I was at home with a newborn, which was great that I was able to do that. But I had not planned for who am I now - what is my identity? And I felt like that caused some churn.

LaBrena Settles
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Corey Settles Headshot

It'll get lonely and you'll feel like you're in the wilderness. But stand true to your principles and don't settle. And the one thing I really want to piggyback on is what LaBrena was saying about being over prepared. So over prepare, put in the work. It's not easy. That's what she's done, she's put in the work. People will applaud you for that.

Corey Settles
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