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Take advantage of the internet's only free interview practice tool and the community of thousands of job seekers that powers it. Perform better in your next interview.

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What is Riveter?

Riveter is a free tool, community and coaching platform to help job seekers train for and practice interviewing. Riveter leverages a community of job seekers and coaches to provide constructive feedback on your recorded interview responses. As a partner with Riveter, iRelaunch has identified some common interview questions that relaunchers often face in interviews on Riveter's platform that you can begin practicing with. In addition, use the code IRELAUNCH to get 20% off of Riveter's optional paid plans.

What you'll get when you practice your interviewing and get feedback through Riveter's community platform

1. Tips to improve
Learn how to interview better with videos, blogs, and events about how to do better in interviews.

2. Ideas on how to answer
Learn from hundreds of fellow job seekers by watching how they answered interview questions and taking the best ideas for yourself.

3. Tools to practice & get feedback
Practice your answers to curated interview questions and get feedback from coaches and the Riveter community.