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The Latest on Returnships and the Outlook Post-Covid

August 10, 2021 Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego

ASU+GSV Summit

10:45 am - 11:25 am PT

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Returnships are short term paid positions designed for experienced professionals who have been out of the workforce for an extended period, often serving as an entrée point to employment. Originating in 2008, returnships have proven to be an excellent way for employers to engage with professionals returning from career breaks of one to over 20 years for reasons unrelated to their work performance; childcare, eldercare, expat experiences, health issues, or military spouse moves. iRelaunch CEO and Co-founder Carol Fishman Cohen, Amazon Returnship Program's Alex Mooney and Johnson & Johnson Re-Ignite’s Liz Markus discuss how returnships work, the impact of Covid on their eligibility criteria and plans to scale, and recommendations for employers looking to launch and expand them. Cohen, who has been working with employers to build return-to-work programs for almost 20 years, will make an announcement about an important new return to work resource for employers during this session.

The Latest on Returnships and the outlook post-Covid: What you need to know