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Diversity Network INCLUSION 2021

October 19 — October 21, 2021
Diversity Network Inclusion 2021 speaker announcement
Speaker Carol Fishman Cohen presents:

Visionary HR and Diversity Leaders: Propose Launching an Employer Return to Work Program

Return to work programs change lives and provide a leadership development opportunities

  • HR Managers looking for a high impact, high visibility opportunity and professional development experience should propose launching a return to work program at their employer for professionals returning to work after an extended career break.
  • These programs, often based on an internship-like model called a “returnship,” are a win for all involved
  • The employer gets access to and develops a pipeline of experienced, educated potential hires - a hidden talent pool
  • Those who are returning to work after a career break who are accepted to the program get a life-transforming opportunity
  • The employer can use the program to reconnect with high performing alumni who left to go on career break.
  • Current and former employees of an employer with a return to work program know their organization understands that life’s progression may involve a career break, and validates that choice by establishing a formal pathway back to work.
  • The career path that includes a career break becomes "normalized" and career breaks become completely reframed.
Diversity Network Inclusion 2021 Event

INCLUSION 2021 features 75+ high-profile speakers from the forefront of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion change, covering practical steps towards equal pay, racial equality, gender equality, improved mental health and wellbeing, religious freedom, unconscious bias, equal opportunity, social mobility, fairer recruitment, disability and accessibility, neurodiversity, D&I training, learning and development tools, and strategies for creating a more inclusive and productive workplace.

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