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Drinks & Conversation

April 26, 2023
In Person, London

Come celebrate the book launch of "My What If Year," by Alisha Fernandez Miranda

London Book event

This event is being hosted by Middle Eight Hotel and generously sponsored by iRelaunch, the pioneering career re-entry consulting, training and events company focused on bringing professionals back to work after extended leave.

An exuberant, hilarious memoir about a woman who pauses her successful career for a year and explores the “What If” jobs of her dreams. Delightfully irreverent and hilarious from page one, My What If Year recounts the adventures of a successful Latina CEO and mother of twins, who takes a sabbatical from her job to explore all the careers that she’s forever idealized. Alisha becomes an intern at a Broadway theater, a London art gallery, a gourmet restaurant, and a fitness studio (online Zumba!). Despite the impending Covid-19 pandemic, these internships provided an opportunity for Alisha to ponder the long-buried question, “Why didn’t I do what I most wanted to do until now? What was stopping me?”

Ticket price includes event entry, a welcome drink and a signed paperback copy of My What If Year.

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