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Team Spotlight: Sarah Mills

My name is Sarah Mills and I am the Senior Director of Logistics for iRelaunch. I love to plan! Ok, maybe not dinners, but I do like to plan events. I specifically enjoy managing the logistics of conferences, where multiple pieces need to fit together and the finished outcome is a successful, high energy conference.  I produce our iRelaunch Return-to-Work Conferences, which host relaunchers, speakers and sponsor representatives for a day of job search strategy, education, advice and sponsor networking. I love my role at iRelaunch and I’m so lucky that my relaunch took me to this job 7 years ago.

I grew up just west of Boston, lived four amazing years in North Carolina, and then moved to Hingham on the south shore of Boston when I got married.  My husband and I are the parents of two girls: Grace (14) and Emma (12). When I’m not acting as an Uber driver for my kids, I spend summer days with my family in Hingham Harbor on our power boat, either watching our girls sail or visiting the Boston Harbor Islands. Being outside and on the water is a wonderful way for me to relax and unwind from the complexity that sometimes comes when both parents work from home (and when kids are home on summer break).

Prior to my career break, I worked in fundraising both at a university and secondary school level. I left the workforce in 2003 to care for our first daughter when she was born and remained at home through the birth of our second daughter in 2005. Being home with two young daughters I found I spent a lot of time at our local YMCA. I started to volunteer my time there and was asked to be part of their branch board to help with fundraising efforts. Not only did this keep my hand in fundraising, but it also taught me a huge amount about how a Board operates.

Even when I returned to the workforce, 7 years later, I remained active on the YMCA board for a time. However, my tenure at the Y ended as the iRelaunch conference logistics became more demanding. In 2014, we changed our Conference venue location to accommodate more audience members. In 2016, we provided an agenda that featured over 40 speakers and gave our attendees more breakout choices. I foresee even more changes at iRelaunch and I am continually thankful to be part of this amazing company.