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How to use Instagram Stories like a pro Relauncher!

We’re walking you through the ins and outs of Instagram Stories, and how to become a true pro on Instagram stories.

Let’s start at the beginning, Instagram Stories lets Instagram users post photos and videos that vanish after 24 hours. We’re walking you through the ins and outs of Instagram Stories, and how to become a true pro on Instagram stories.

How to use Instagram Stories: Instagram Stories appear in a bar at the top of your feed — and all Instagram accounts will be able to share stories. When there’s something new to see, their profile photo will have a colorful ring around it. To view someone’s story, you simply need to tap on their profile photo, and their story will appear full-screen, showing you all of the content they’ve posted in the last 24hrs, the content will play in chronological order from oldest to newest. Once you’re viewing a story, you can tap to go back and forward or swipe to jump to another person’s story. Unlike regular posts, there are no likes or public comments.

The Basics: How to add to your story: There are two ways to add to your story: the first is by going to your profile page and clicking on your icon. The second is going to your main feed and clicking on the camera icon on the top left corner. Once you are done adding text, drawings, and stickers on your masterpiece you tap the “+ your story” icon at the bottom right corner and it has officially been added to your story.

How to add filters: You can swipe left to choose through a series of filters that can be applied to your photo or video clip. It’s that simple..

How to add an image or video from your camera roll to your story: There are two ways to do this. You will notice a small camera icon on the top left of the screen next to your avatar icon. Once you click this, there will be a small icon of the latest media in your camera roll. You can click this to unveil your photos and videos from the last 24 hours. The other way to do this is to swipe your screen down. If you are uploading a custom image, the dimensions are 1080 x 1920 pixels. The video aspect ratio is 9:16, and the length can vary from anywhere between one second and 15 seconds.

How to add text and change style: To get to the text, you click on the top right corner on the “Aa” icon and start writing. Once you write your text and tap out of the text box, you can also tap on it to change the style and alignment. There are three options: one with a slight faded color in the back, one solid color background, and with no background — just the colored text. Changing the color of your text works much the same as it does with drawing / pens.

That's it -- for now. Instagram is constantly adding new features to Stories, so check their stories for the latest updates.

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