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Event Submission Request Form for iRelaunch Partners

Please note that your submission of this form is solely for iRelaunch to consider your request. Submission of the form does not obligate iRelaunch to accommodate your request and/or promote your event at all or in the way(s) in which you desire. Decisions whether or not to promote your event and to determine the appropriate promotion channels are in iRelaunch’s sole discretion, regardless of your desired outcome.

When submitting your request, please comply with the submission timing guidelines below as they pertain to your event's registration deadline.

Desired Outcome

Required Lead Time

Addition to iRelaunch's Website via Events Calendar5 weeks before registration deadline for event

Limited Social Media Promotion (Engaging from iRelaunch's accounts by liking, commenting and resharing posts)

1 week before registration deadline for event
Social Media Promotion (Organic Posting from iRelaunch's accounts)3 weeks before registration deadline for event
Addition to iRelaunch's Newsletter3 weeks before registration deadline for event