Angi Ciccarelli, Advertising Account Executive

Comcast Spotlight

Angi is no stranger to relaunching and reinventing herself. Angi Ciccarelli is an accomplished Advertising Account Executive with Comcast Spotlight. She has a consistent record of exceeding goals by building on successful relationships. She is responsible for executing multimedia strategies and cultivating deep client relationships.

At age 16, Angi started a career as a professional commercial and print model. She worked consistently until she started a family in her early 20s. After her daughter Kelsi was born, she worked part time and cut out jobs with extensive travel. Keaton was born five years later, which compelled Angi to join the local theatre company and concentrate on caring for her two children.

In 2002, Kelsi was diagnosed with Acute Lymphatic Leukemia (A.L.L.) and 90 days later contracted pneumonia from a weak immune system and died unexpectedly.  Shattered and determined Kelsi’s light would live on, Angi founded The Kelsi Austin Lowe Foundation six months after Kelsi’s death. The organization raised funds and supported families with children fighting terminal or debilitating diseases. Angi coordinated capitol campaigns and developed marketing strategies for KAL Foundation. She immersed herself in the relationships with the families she supported and the community of donors. The foundation closed their doors in 2007.  

Angi took a few years off to regroup and figure out how to live as a bereaved mother outside of the foundation. Her history gifted her with resilience. Angi is passionate about living up to her fullest expression and helping others to do the same. Angi is not afraid to fail - she accepted the job offer from Comcast in 2014 with little sales experience. Angi is fortunate to be surrounded by supportive and bold women in her company who encourage each other to excel and grow their value. She leveraged her entrepreneurial and business development skills to forge a successful “late in life” career. Angi is committed to staying relevant in the fast-paced landscape of technology and is currently working towards her Bachelor of Arts in eMarketing with a minor in Global Studies. Angi is committed to her relationships, both personally and professionally. She is honored to be a part of the relaunch movement and hopes to inspire women to continue in education and jump into a relaunch career head first.




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