Anandi Krishnan, Instructor of Pathology

Stanford University

Anandi Krishnan is a biomedical scientist by training with research experiences spanning the fundamental science of thrombosis to clinical studies in antithrombotic therapy for stroke. Just prior to leaving full-time research, Anandi was an American Stroke Association Research Fellow at Duke University and had earned a doctoral degree in Bioengineering at Penn State University. 

In 2011 Anandi took time off to care for her newborn child. Ready to jump back into scientific research in 2012 and armed with a strong record of publications she had trouble securing a faculty research position. Instead Anandi opted to accept an administrative position at Spectrum, Stanford University’s Center for Clinical and Translational Research, a CTSA Program where she supported young scholars clinical and translational research; she put her dream of continuing research on hold. 

Anandi enjoyed her years at Spectrum but missed her days of hands-on research. With the support of colleagues and mentors Anandi applied for an NIH career re-entry grant called a “re-entry supplement”.  The program funds the salary of its recipients and is intended for people who have stepped off the science career track for unavoidable reasons and are looking to get back on. Anandi gathered all the information she needed for the grant including finding lab space, a mentor, and writing a research and career development plan. She also had to include letters of support from her faculty and staff at Stanford University. 

In 2016 Anandi was awarded the NIH grant and is thrilled to be back in a lab doing hands-on scientific research. She looks forward to guiding the careers of others who might be navigating similar life-related interruptions.




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