Lynn Aaberg Fletcher ’82, Alumni Relations Coordinator

Office of Undergraduate Admission, Stanford University

Lynn Fletcher began her career in manufacturing, moved to high-tech sales and then on to support application developers. Upon the birth of her second child she successfully negotiated the first job-share position at her company, allowing her to work three-day weeks in channel marketing.
During her 19-year “summer vacation” Lynn held a few short part-time positions. However, it was her serial pro bono experiences, revitalizing a local nonprofit organization and managing volunteers who mentor young women, that she parlayed into a narrative compelling enough to capture the attention of a hiring manager. To help her visualize possible roles, craft a cohesive story and practice representing herself to potential employers, she assembled an eclectic “accountability team.” 
In her current part-time role she works closely with alumni from around the globe who make up the largest volunteer organization at Stanford. Her responsibilities include planning admit receptions, recruiting leadership teams and producing a monthly newsletter.
Lynn earned a B.S. in engineering from Stanford University.




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